Sport Clips will support nonprofit at reopening event June 7 and 8

Published in the May 14-27 issue of Morgan Hill Life

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Photo by Marty Cheek Sport Clips owners Ben Mangels and Don Berger flank Shop Manager Kris Colon. The franchise will hold a fundraiser for the Edward ‘Boss’ Prado Foundation that helps fund Cecelia’s Closet and other school programs.

Photo by Marty Cheek
Sport Clips owners Ben Mangels and Don Berger flank Shop Manager Kris Colon. The franchise will hold a fundraiser for the Edward ‘Boss’ Prado Foundation that helps fund Cecelia’s Closet and other school programs.

Ben Mangels and Don Berger went from financial affairs to trimming hairs.

After working many years in the corporate world, they discovered the Sport Clips franchise which has more than 1,200 locations across the United States providing a sports-themed hair-clipping experience for customers. Mangels and Berger were so impressed by the company that they decided to get into it as an investment, each buying several stores in the Bay Area.

A year ago, the two partners purchased the Morgan Hill Sports Clips in the Cochrane Commons Shopping Center. On June 7 and 8, they will have a grand re-opening of their store which they will use as a fundraising opportunity for Cecelia and Gary Ponzini’s Edward “Boss” Prado Foundation, a Morgan Hill nonprofit organization which works to make life better for local young people through various programs. We asked Mangels and Berger about their hair service enterprise.

What makes Sport Clips unique compared with other hair service businesses?

The major difference is that we cater to men and boys — although we do serve an occasional mom, aunt or sister. Men don’t like to go to “salons,” but they are comfortable going to a “shop” or “store.” We work to make sure our shops are comfortable places for our clients to visit.

We like to think we’re more professional, as well. We greet our clients as soon as they walk through our doors. When called for service, our stylists introduce themselves and provide a firm handshake. We’ve found men and boys like and respect this level of professionalism. We also make sure our team members are simply nice and all love doing men’s hair. Of course, you can’t ignore our heavy sports theme, including local sports jerseys, and our 40-inch flat-screen TVs.

Why did you decide to buy the Sport Clips shop in Morgan Hill, and what do you find unique about our community?

Morgan Hill is the type of town we felt mirrored our core values of community, respect and simplicity. As we spend more and more time in the community, our thoughts are affirmed. Every week we find something else to love about Morgan Hill. The people are remarkable. The climate is great. There are great restaurants and wineries. Morgan Hill reminds us of the towns we grew up in.

This particular location was the first to open in the Bay Area more than six years ago. This location was under performing, in large part because the prior owner had a very busy corporate job. He was relieved to sell and felt we could bring a new energy to the store and team. We’re excited to be part of the community and see a new attitude with our team members.

You’re preparing for your grand re-opening event on June 7 and 8 which you plan as a fundraising event for the Edward “Boss” Prado Foundation. Why did you decide to support this foundation?

When we hold fundraisers, we usually link with local youth sports teams. Although we love to support the local sports scene, we wanted this effort to touch more people. We looked around and found Cecelia Ponzini and her foundation. We believe our meeting was karma.

Honestly, we didn’t know anything about Cecelia. In our first meeting, we quickly learned of her depth as a person and her impact upon Morgan Hill and the surrounding communities. Specific to the Edward “Boss” Prado Foundation, we love that it provides lunches to needy students at both Live Oak and Sobrato high schools. We also appreciate how the program is administered with respect for those served, all while working to ensure their dignity.

Fifteen minutes into our first meeting we both knew it was a no-brainer to partner with Cecelia and her Edward “Boss” Prado Foundation.

About a third of your business comes from haircuts for boys 12 and under. What advice do you give parents when dealing with youngsters getting haircuts?


First off, with kids we prefer not to refer to it as a “haircut.” Kids connect a “cut” with pain and that may be the cause of their fear. Instead, we encourage using the words trim or style. Our environment is also very stimulating with sports on big televisions and memorabilia on the walls. Our stylists are friendly and know how to make the experience for a child a positive one.

We had parents tell us that their kids are now excited to get their haircuts because we have an environment kids actually enjoy.
We’ve even had parents tell us kids ask to get their haircut and always want our MVP treatment, which includes a warm towel on their face, a scalp massage and a neck massage. Hair “trimming” is no longer a battle for parents.


Location: 1053 Cochrane Road, #140
Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday
Contact: (408) 782-7456 or visit

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