Popular program helps high school students develop interview skills

Published in the June 8 – 21, 2016 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Staff Report

he winning logo designed by Eric Velasco.

The winning logo designed by Eric Velasco.

Every year, the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce’s Education Committee puts on the “Rock the Mock” training to help local high school students learn basic job interview skills to prepare them to build their careers. To help build the popular program, chamber member Sandra McNeal started a logo contest to develop graphics created by the students. At the chamber breakfast in April, two winners and their logos were introduced.

The first-place winner is Eric Velasco who will see his logo used to brand the program. The second-place winner is Roy Racho. Both young men last week graduated from Central High School.

Morgan Hill Life asked Racho about his artistic abilities and why it’s important for the local community to support the development of creative talents in young people.

What was you inspiration for the Rock the Mock logo contest that you recently won?

I wanted to have a simplistic design that incorporated their last logo, but update it, keep it black and white more… professional, to match the feel of the program. I’ve went through Rock the Mock twice. Now I really stand behind what they teach.

At what point in your life did you realize you were an artist?

Growing up, people would always call me an artist but it took a while for it to sink in because I didn’t see myself as one. I was just the weird kid that would draw in the corner.

The second place logo by Roy Racho.

The second place logo by Roy Racho.

What do you enjoy most about creating art?

I honestly enjoy the process the most. Painting and listening to music, I get put into my own little world. Cheesy? I know, but it’s true. It’s relaxing. When it stops being fun, I’ll stop doing it.

What inspires you the most to create art?

A lot of my work incorporates contrasting things such as living things and skeletons or things that are considered good and things that are bad. And, of course, a lot of artsy animated movies inspire me such as “Ghost in the Shell,” “Animatrix,” “Spirited Away,” and “Tekkonkinkreet.” And other artists inspire me as well, they give me something to strive for.

What are your plans after graduating from high school?

The best case scenario would be living off of my art, but I don’t see that happening. So probably I’ll be heading to college.

What advice on the creative process would you like to give to younger aspiring artists?

Just go for it. Create the art you want to see. Don’t get discouraged from anything. You have to start somewhere and you’re always learning.


How do you plan to continue your artistic endeavors?

I want to get into film and animation, hopefully. I always wanted to get into that.

What would you like to say to the Morgan Hill community?

First off, I would like to thank the community for this opportunity. I love watching Morgan Hill grow and I love it even more when I’m helping it do so. And if anyone wants designs, logos or paintings, contact me at roy.nerd3boy@gmail.com.