Published in the September 28 – October 11, 2016 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Tom Arnett


Tom Arnett

In order to be prepared for life in the 21st Century, our students need educational experiences that develop their intellects, build their talents and help them become strong members of their communities. As a graduate of Morgan Hill schools, a parent and an education researcher for a national research institute, my experiences give me unique expertise for helping our district meet these student needs.

We are lucky to have a district with a tradition of strong school communities. Our schools consistently offer our students enriching programs that foster passions for learning and nurture individual interests and talents. I know this because I have been a direct beneficiary of these programs. I grew up in Morgan Hill, graduated from Live Oak in 2002, and am now the parent of three young children. With my ties to our schools, I am deeply invested in the success and stability of our district, and I want to continue to support it in its important work.

At the same time, our district is wrestling with a number of challenges common to schools across the country. We need to ensure all students master rigorous new state standards. We need to help English language learners succeed. We need to close achievement gaps among economically disadvantaged students. Lastly, we need to help all students master not only academic content, but also higher-order skills — such as creative problem solving, personal management, teamwork and leadership — that they need in order to succeed in work and life. As a former middle school math teacher, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s MBA program, and a current senior research fellow studying innovative educational programs at the Clayton Christensen Institute, I understand both the nature of the challenges our schools and teachers are up against and the most promising policies and practices for helping them meet these challenges.

I want to represent the needs and interests of parents and our broader community. Please reach out to me at or message me through my Facebook page at

In last June’s special election, the community chose me as the newest member of the school board. I now hope you will support me in my continued service to our district by voting for me Nov. 8.