Published in the September 28 – October 11, 2016 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Diana Wood

Diana Wood

Diana Wood

I was driving down the windy road home when memories started to ping back and forth in my mind. I had been in a mental fog for so long that I could not remember the last time I was able to think clearly. I could hear myself asking through my tears, “Am I running away right now? Oh. . .my gosh. . .I’m running away. . .to safety.” Like in a movie flashback, I started to recall the events that had taken over the last nine weeks of my life, and the mental fog that had been gripping me hostage started to clear.

Week one. I was introduced to a man with all the right things to say, and all the right credentials. We’ll call him “Mr. C.” Mr. C was the owner of a personal training studio. At the time that was my dream so I asked him as many questions as I possibly could think of. He was intrigued.

Week two. Mr. C invited me to visit his personal training studio. It was amazing, and I was intrigued.

Weeks three through nine make absolutely no logical sense at all, and quite honestly the hardest and most embarrassing to share.

I went into business with him, I moved in with him, he accessed my credit cards maxing them out, and without my knowing he was blocking my friends from getting in contact with me.

My awareness was jolted when from the second floor of his two-story condominium he held me out over a loft banister 15 feet in the air and demanded to know, “Do you trust me?!” My survival mechanisms kicked in, and could hear myself respond, “Yes. Yes, I trust you.” The next morning he went to run an errand, and I could not get out of the house fast enough.

As I drove down the windy road home, the mental fog lifted and I could think clearly again.

Soon after my return, a dear friend who was a police detective visited and informed me of the results he had found in his background check of Mr. C. He revealed all the names Mr. C had used over the years. Warrants out for his arrest for fraud, child abuse, and rape. Mr. C was a con man.


I had to go into hiding for six months after my return, and this is what I learned: In my weakest most abandoned state I am the master who governs the household of my thoughts. I am either made or unmade in the armory of those thoughts. I had a choice to make. I could fight, or I could feel sorry for myself. I chose to fight. I chose to build an armory of intentional thoughts forged in the fires of positive expectation and belief. I chose to fight for the treasure of my life and my future.

Taking a moment to pause here. . . I realize this is an extremely “heavy” life-story that I am sharing and it may be stirring emotions and feelings that are uncomfortable and possibly frightening. Please know that if at this very moment you are in a concerning relationship, whoever you are and whatever you are going through, you can overcome. You can transform your life.

There are confidential resources in Morgan Hill that are in place to serve you. One of the most caring is Community Solutions which can be reached by calling (408) 779-2113. Please reach out for the help you need and stand united with me in the victory of transforming your life. I believe in you.

Morgan Hill resident Diana Wood is the president and CEO of Wood Motivation, a certified independent John Maxwell Team coach, speaker and trainer. She can be reached at


Contact: (408) 779-2113 or visit