Published in the February 1 – 14, 2017 issue of Morgan Hill Life

Physics and Engineering
• High school: 1st, Ashin Viswesvaran; 2nd, Andrew Lyle; 3rd, Ethan Ngo
• Middle school: 1st, Ayana Wilmot; 2nd, Michael Lutz; 3rd, Molly Waddington
Chemistry Science
• High school: 1st, Renee Gastelum; 2nd, Jacob Mortensen; 3rd, Hannah Selby
• Middle school: 1st, Jason Chung and David Samatua; 2nd, Evan Coakley; 3rd, Eric Le and Paige Pagaduan
Biological Science
• High school: 1st, Sameer Varma; 2nd, Raveena Panihar; 3rd, Callie Monaco
• Middle school: 1st, Danya Balagopal; 2nd, Grace Sullivan and Courtney Wohlgemuth; 3rd, Hailey Freeman and Ashley Freeman
Behavioral Science
• High school: 1st, Lidia Buschini; 2nd, Grace Chapman; 3rd, Georgia Braun-Rudin
• Middle school: 1st, Sela Howe; 2nd, Serenity Cheshire; 3rd, Soraya Reyes and Brooke Bevington