Published in the May 24 – June 6, 2017 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Robert Airoldi

Veteran Ed Bowers will preside over the annual Memorial Day celebration at the downtown Veterans Memorial. The event kicks off promptly at 9 a.m. when the flag of deceased veteran and former Morgan Hill resident Thomas S. Castle will be raised. Karen Crane’s kids will then sing patriotic songs before a prayer is offered by Advent Lutheran Church Pastor Anita Warner.

The Honor Roll will be read followed by the laying of the wreaths. The celebration will end when Steve Johnson plays his rendition of Taps. This event, and the one Bowers organizes for Veterans Day, are a fitting tribute to all those who have served and those who serve us today. See you there May 29.

• • •

More than 60 students at the Charter School of Morgan Hill recently showcased their artistic talents during the school’s Spring Exhibition creating about 40 pieces of artwork on the grounds of the school.

Art teacher Kelley Brown got the idea after being inspired by the I Madonnari (street painters) Festival she attended in Santa Barbara. Brown wanted to provide the students with an open-ended project outside of the regular classroom environment. So she came up with a “Chalk Festival.” Seventh-grader Natalie Nielsen applied the process she learned in art class to recreate the sun from the movie “Tangled.” This is the first time Nielsen has done a piece of art on this scale, and she said she enjoyed the opportunity. And, Natalie, we’re glad to have the opportunity to see your creation.

• • •

Reader Laura McCoy wrote us a nice story about a photo she took at Yosemite and posted to Instagram that spurred her to pen a poem in memory of her mother. “I was inspired by the dead tree among the beauty to write something in memory of my mom,” she said. When her 13-year-old daughter read the poem, she told her mother she should “send it to the newspaper and they can print it next to the obituaries.”

Laura told us she was surprised that not only was her daughter impressed by something she wrote, but was familiar with the word “obituary” and suggested a newspaper over social media. “I loved that,” Laura said. “So, I doubt anything will come of this, but I’m taking a shot since it’s something my mom (and my daughter) would do. Yosemite was one of her favorite places.”

Well, Laura, something did come of it, and here it is:

“Once stood tall and deeply rooted, proud to show her changing colors, generous to all in need of shelter, protecting the nest against the strongest of winds, always there no matter what … until she was no longer. What is left to live on remains vibrant and green because of her infinite nurturing shade.”

Thank you, Laura. And thank your daughter for urging you to send it to us. Although we missed Mother’s Day, we too are thinking of all the mom’s no longer with us.

• • •

The Morgan Hill Rotary Club was at it again, helping someone in our community in need. Late last month, 17 Rotarians along with nine Volunteers from Rebuilding Together participated in the Spring Rebuilding Together workday. The group painted the home and built a new carport for a residence owned by Adobe Services, a nonprofit that provides housing for six women who were previously chronically homeless.

Another great job by our local Rotarians.