Published in the May 24 – June 6, 2017 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Mark Fenichel

Mark Fenichel

Sometimes I get interesting emails from readers with ideas and suggestions for new articles or music to check out.

I recently heard from Kevin Logan who is one of the owner/partners of the Gilroy Express Car Wash. It turns out he is also a musician in a very active band called Fritz Montana that performs at some major San Francisco venues and events including Napa Valley’s Bottle Rock, LIVE 105’s Not So Silent Night at the Oracle Arena, 49er games, and San Francisco’s legendary clubs such as Bottom of The Hill and The Independent.

Kevin recalls his early music experience taking piano lessons at The Music Tree in Morgan Hill, performing piano recitals and playing in band in middle school. He said it seemed like every year he was learning and playing a new instrument from keys to guitar to harmonica, which certainly all gave him a well-rounded musical experience. But as he says jokingly, “I drew the short straw and ended up playing bass.” And that has been his main instrument ever since.

When Kevin was a kid, his father’s musical tastes seemed to interest him. He would listen to the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Neil Young. He was also exposed to BB King which opened his eyes to the wonders of blues music.

As he musically matured, his tastes varied. He continued to follow the Stones music, but he branched out to other bands, which he cites as a big influence on him.

The bands include Whitestripes, The Black Keys and his favorite singer-bassist Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. He also had a goal to write his own music, which he now records sometimes with his band. They are already planning their next CD (their fifth) which will be recorded in Los Angeles.

He said early on the band picked a certain sound and dedicated themselves to playing that sound. They have done a lot to get noticed since forming in 2013, and they continue to play what people like even though it often is not really what they really like to play.

I unknowingly saw Fritz Montana at The Ritz in San Jose as the opening band for my friend’s daughter’s band Deap Vally which is a high energy female rock duo that tours nationally and on the verge of stardom. I was impressed with Fritz Montana as they had a very enthusiastic following, although I didn’t feel the sound in that club did either of the bands justice that night.

Kevin’s band has been together four years and has produced four albums. The next one is in the works. It’s funny how bands get their name. When I asked Kevin the question about the name Fritz Montana, he simply said, “It was the name of the drummer’s old dog.”

You can hear the band on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and just about on every music related site. Just go to any of these sites and type in Fritz Montana to see and hear this band.

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On another note, the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for its Friday Night Music Series opening June 2 and held every Friday thereafter for 14 weeks.

The Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras is ready for its 38th annual event. Enjoy two stages filled with live music May 27 and 28 in downtown Morgan Hill.

Mama Mia’s Thursday Night On The Patio music series is flowing through the summer every Thursday at 6 p.m. There will be lots of live music coming to town in the near future that I will tell you about as we get further into the summer months. Stay tuned.

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