Published in the July 19 – August 1, 2017 issue of Gilroy Life

By Kathy Sullivan

Kathy Sullivan

I am writing my final column in the midst of packing my belongings, having farewell meals with friends and looking back on my past 22 years residing in Morgan Hill. When I moved here from Philadelphia, I was 42 years old and knew not a soul outside of the three members of my family who were sharing my great adventure with me.

“Kathy’s Great Adventure” were the words my mother used as she hugged me before I got on the plane to start a new life in California. The generosity of those words helped me re-focus my sadness of leaving those I loved — to looking forward to the new possibilities.

I now am faced with the same issue. Instead of leaving family I love, I am leaving precious friends and a place which grew in my heart to feel more like home than my birthplace. This community has been so welcoming and offered me more opportunities than I ever imagined all those many years ago. Parting means leaving organizations and work which gave purpose to my life as I transitioned from wife and mother. The choices I made gave substance to my life here.

These years have been the most fulfilling in my life. I previously never had the opportunity to watch the growing pains and transformation of a city. Here I had a front row seat and took an active role in discussions of goals for our town.

While I loved the feel and structure of the city I first saw on arrival, I am envious of you who will be around for its continued growth and vitality. I predict Morgan Hill will have city planners coming here to copy the success of our designs for the growth and morphing nature of this place.

I will miss watching the continued success of public education here. I am still grateful for how people voted in Measure G funds to help in financing needed repairs on infrastructure and buildings for our students. My eight years on the school board allowed me to experience how many people are devoted to improving the educational experience for our children. It was in our Home and School clubs I was first able to meet some of these devoted educators and volunteers.


Other organizations such as the American Association of Women, Morgan Hill Historic Society and the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce provided me knowledge, interesting work, social events and a sense of belonging.

The Morgan Hill Downtown Association gave me the chance to help educate others and myself to the wonders of our downtown core. The opportunity to write a monthly column was due to MHDA as well as the brilliance and patience of Marty Cheek and Robert Airoldi of Morgan Hill Life.

I won’t say goodbye. Instead, I will take my memories, love and friendships with me as I start my next great adventure.

Kathy Sullivan will move to Philadelphia at the end of the month. We at Morgan Hill Life will miss her.