Published in the November 8 – 21, 2017 issue of Morgan Hill Life

Lelannie Ornelas

The Big Blue Chair

The Big Blue Chair at the intersection of Second Street and Monterey Road has become a part of the downtown community. It came to us in 2014, when the vacant liquor store parking lot at the corner of Third Street and Monterey Road was the first home of the pop-up park.

The park received lots of positive reviews. On June 10, 2016, it was relocated just down the way, renaming it as the Pop-up Park 2.0. Although we knew this was a temporary park when it was first installed, we couldn’t help but get attached and fall in love. The unique, larger-than-life chair became a center piece to those who visited. Many families visit this park and pictures are taken on, or around the chair. I myself, have pictures of my twin daughters on the chair.

On June 19, the Big Blue Chair became known worldwide after being featured on The Ellen Show’s Instagram page. One of our community member’s pets was featured sitting on the big blue chair. This post had more than half a million likes on Instagram. It didn’t stop there, the post circulated through various social media outlets including Facebook — putting Morgan Hill in the spotlight!

This brings me to the question, where our beloved chair would fit in with the three new parks that are being developed? Before we become alarmed, City Economic Development Director Edith Ramirez, confirmed that the Big Blue Chair will be relocated to one of the new downtown parks. Although it’s not yet decided which park will host it, we can rest assured it is here to stay.

Now since that is settled, let’s touch on the three new parks and a brief look at what they have to offer. According to Chris Ghione, the city’s Community Service Director,  the three new parks are the Nob Hill Park, Railroad Park, and The Third Street Creek Park.

The Nob Hill Park will connect Third Street to Fifth Street at Del Monte Avenue. The concept is to connect trails and create a link between the northern end of the Llagas Creek Trail to the downtown. This will help provide a walking/running path near downtown.


Railroad Park is adjacent to Depot Street just south of the Train platform. This park will be designed to be used as an active park for younger children and families. The park hopes to offer WiFi and charging stations. I like the sound of that.

The Third Street Creek Park will be set on the north side of West Third Street. It will offer benches, tables, as well as possible leisure features. The park includes the use of two properties. One side will offer a walking route to Second Street and the other will aid to improve the park gateway at the Third Street Bridge.

There will be a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 2, at the Downtown Creek Park. Join us and take a walking tour and participate in family-friendly activities.

Lelannie Ornelas is a board member of the Morgan Hill Downtown Association.


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