Published in the January 3 -16, 2018 issue of Morgan Hill Life

Sharon Luna

I hope you enjoyed the holiday season. I know I certainly enjoy this time of year, as it always brings back memories from my childhood growing up in Canada. We had layers of clothing to put on and take off, for enjoyment in the snow, skiing, skating, and of course making snow angels. The memories that I cherish most and what makes me nostalgic now are the sweet smells of my mother’s cooking and the sound of my father singing Christmas carols. With both my parents now gone, I have found ways to keep those memories alive for my family. For those of you who know me, I do this through decorating, baking and singing “Feliz Navidad,” which puts a bounce in my step and a sparkle in my eyes.

In San Martin many of us know our surrounding neighbors. Though we may not always see one another each day, we know each other is there. During the holidays it is important to me that I show how much I value my neighbors by sending a holiday card or sharing a homemade treat with them.


It is this time of year that I am reminded on how much it means to me to know that my neighbors are doing all right. One of my neighbors has a son in the military. He proudly serves our country. He always makes a point to come to my home when he’s on leave just to say hello and ask how we are doing. Another of my neighbors is from India, is a vegan and we always exchange holiday cards. Over the years, it has been fun to learn about each other’s traditions. I also have my “sharing neighbor” who throughout the year we exchange the fruits and vegetables we both grow on our properties and in our gardens. It is nice to have neighbors who value the importance of being neighborly, as it is one of the many benefits for living in a small community. In San Martin you will find many who have similar stories as mine and who feel fortunate that we continue to maintain a rural atmosphere and character to our town.

Holidays are a time for reflecting and showing others we care. Like many of you, I do my best to give year-round. But during this time of year when I see a Salvation Army kettle I am drawn to putting in a few dollars. Let us remember our servicemen and women, our firefighters, and law enforcement officers who serve and protect us each day. Let them know they are appreciated and their sacrifices are meaningful. Take a moment to reach out to someone with a card, goodie or just a wave and a smile … it could be the start of a really wonderful New Year.

As you look forward to 2018, please consider becoming a member of the San Martin Neighborhood Alliance,  It’s a wonderful way to participate and to help manage the growth of our community.

Sharon Luna is a San Martin resident and the director of the San Martin Neighborhood Alliance. She wrote this for Morgan Hill Life.

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