Working 9 to 5 shows women can break the “glass ceiling” in the business world

The cast of “9 to 5” the musical.
Photo courtesy Foothill Community College

When Dolly Parton wrote the music and screenwriter Patricia Resnick got together and created the multi-awarded musical film “Nine to Five” taking place in the late 1970s and  followed by to  the Broadway stage – winning more awards – did they ever imagine what a close parallel their story ran to to-day when women have finally have burst forth, by starting to take their place in all upper areas of business. They call it breaking the glass ceiling. Well, it seems to look like that ceiling has been smashed and “9 to 5, the Musical” unknowingly predicted it. Wow!!!

“9 To 5” tells of three gals that decide to grab the opportunity to overtake the situation of being overworked, bullied, and sexually harassed by their horrendous, deranged,  boss. They take over the running of the company at first rate level  while keeping their tormenter out of the way in their own way.

Allie Townsend  takes on the role of Doralee, originated by Dolly Parton in the movie. Glenna Murillo as Violet and Rachelle Abbey as Judy- carry their moments with energy and good voice giving Parton’s gospel and pop immersed music the lift it deserves. Aaron Hurley plays the repulsive boss with a vengeance. Milissa Carey directs with moments of going over the edge but pulls back just in time to space the laughs and music comfortably. Kayvon Kordestani as Margret Pomerance is the one to watch. Her overall alcoholic vestige is a hoot, no lines but a well done body and facial delivery. Dolores Duran-Cefalu’s and her  four musicians are hidden offstage but supports and holds its own. Staging is interesting with a swinging portion of the stage that turns with the change of scenery.

“9 to 5” comes at a most timely moment in our history and it comes with great music and fun story.. A well done jaunt into a movement that in the late 70’s was just a dream.


“9 To 5”

Where: Lohman Theatre

Foothill College Campus

12345 El Monte Road – Los Altos Hills

Through: March 18

Tickets , Reservations and information: 650 949-7360 or visit:

Camille Bounds

Camille Bounds

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Camille Bounds