Ken Foreman with Cathedral of Faith will be at BookSmart Nov. 14

Published in the Nov. 13, 2013 issue of Morgan Hill Life

By Staff Report

Pastor Ken Foreman

Pastor Ken Foreman

Ken Foreman, the pastor of the Cathedral of Faith in San Jose, will visit BookSmart bookstore at 7 p.m. Nov. 14 to talk about his self-improvement book Imagine Living Your Dream. Morgan Hill Life asked Foreman about his latest book where he weaves the biblical story of Joseph with contemporary examples of people striving for their dreams.

Imagine Living Your Dream is a fun book that inspires readers. Why did you decide to write it?

Everything starts with a dream. Every invention ever made, every building ever built, every business ever opened, and every movie ever filmed started with a dream.

I wrote this book to inspire people to dream, challenge them to follow their dream, and give them important tools to help dreams come true. Living a dream helps us have purpose and meaning.

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” My hope is that in writing this book, many people will start to live their dream.

What makes your book different from other self-improvement books?

I wanted this book to be user-friendly, interactive, visually engaging, creative and full of practical steps.

At the end of each chapter there are reflection questions that will help the reader put into practice what he has read. At the end of interviews you read about in the book with people like actress Roma Downey or former football player Tim Brown, you can scan the QR code with your phone and watch the entire interview.

It is even a living book that has a place to link up with ongoing dream tips.It is a book that both avid readers or occasional readers can enjoy.

Your book doesn’t come off as “preachy,” as many books by religious leaders do. It has a tone that is open to non-Christians. Why did you take this approach?

There are so many needs in our community and we need everyone to stir up their imagination and make a difference.

I intentionally wrote a book that would be a guide and encouragement for everyone to find their purpose wherever they are in their spiritual journey. This book has life principles that are practical for everyone. Why would anyone want to settle for an easy life when a great life is within their reach?

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone takes action to pursue their dreams. What simple advice would you give people to move in the direction of their dreams?

There is an old riddle that goes something like this: if there are eight frogs on a log and six of them decide to jump how many frogs are still on the log? The answer is eight because deciding to jump is not the same thing as jumping.

Many of us have dreams in our hearts but for one reason or another we are stuck on that log. My simple advice would be to take a leap a faith toward your journey. Every journey starts with a step. There will be lots of twists and turns along the way. But every journey starts with a step, take that first step toward your dream.


What is the most important benefit you want people to gain from reading Imagine Living Your Dream?

Dreams can change lives in the best kind of way. Once we get hold of a dream, the dream will get hold of us. When we find and follow our dreams, they can stretch our ability, build character in us, and shake off boredom. My hope is that more people will be able to say, “I have a dream, . . .” and then, let that dream bring meaning and purpose to their everyday life.

We only get one shot at life and with that one shot at life give life your best shot. Live your dream.

Marty Cheek