By Darren McDonald’s sixth-grade class at P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy

Published in the May 11-25, 2016 issue of Morgan Hill Life

P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy holds its annual talent show to demonstrate the types of performing talents students possess. The free performance was held May 9.

A talent is something you share with the world. A talent could help you overcome stage fright.

Talents are things you’re good at and can get you a good place in life. Everyone has talents, but sometimes we haven’t found them. So a talent show can help us discover our performing arts gifts.

Having a talent show at school is a good thing and something to be proud of. Our school’s talent show helps kids build up their confidence through dancing and singing. It also shows we have school spirit at P.A. Walsh.

Have you ever wondered why rehearsals are important? Rehearsals are important because every time you practice, your talent will improve. If you are not good at doing something but practice at it, you will start to get better at it, so rehearsing will help you not “mess up” when you perform.

Talent shows help cure stage fright because if you perform on stage once, you will not be as scared the second time. If you do it again and again, you can learn from your past experience and you won’t faint in front of everyone and embarrass yourself. Fear is in the mind.

Our memory captures everything we do, so practice helps to build confidence and self esteem. Why isn’t writing, reading and drawing eligible for a talent show? Because they’re just not entertaining.

If you’re sitting there silently writing, this would bore the audience easily. They would be bored because movement and sound hasn’t occurred. It’s a proven fact by scientists that movement, sound and mystery exercises your brain. If you’re not constantly moving, the crowd will lose interest quickly.

Darren McDonald’s sixth-grade class wrote this column after a Junior Journalism workshop by Morgan Hill Life Publisher Marty Cheek.

Robert Airoldi

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