Published online March 26, 2018

Photos courtesy The Pear Theatre

When you are one of only two males, Asians teachers living in a dusty small Wyoming town, you are unique and lonely and have to try and fit in. That’s what Travis (Lorenz Angelo Gonzales), a Korean high school English teacher, has managed to do – keeping a low profile while trying to keep his outrageous Asian teacher Chester out of trouble.

All is running smoothly until Veronica, a bright, beautiful, Asian New Yorker, joins the teaching staff.  All fall for her, including dense Del a brawny Caucasian physical-ed teacher. The problem is: she only is interested in white men. The story veers toward the Cyrano de Bergerac plot where Travis writes love notes for Del to Virginia, with Del winning her affection. Playwright Michael Golamco creates a different kind of love story that’s humorous and poignant.

Lorenz Angelo Gonzales plays the sensible wistful Travis, Chuck Larson is the bombastic Chester, with Drew Reitz as the dim hunk Del, Heather Mae Steffen is the vivacious Virginia Lee. All actors blend well and release solid performances. Jeffrey Lo directs his people well, he has one small set that covers a large area inside and out and he keeps the action moving without confusion.

Set Designer Ting-Na Wang, lightening designer Tanya Finkelstein with costumer Diane Tasca, bring simple, interesting overall talent to the small area.

Cowboy vs. Samurai will keep your attention with an insight into the mixture of race, personality and love.

“Cowboy Verses Samurai” details

Where: The Pear Theatre, 1110 La Avenida St.- Mountain View

Through: April 8

Running time:2 hours and 15, with one intermission

Tickets : $35 discounts for seniors and students

Reservations and information: (650)254-1148 or visit





Camille Bounds