Published in the April 11 – 24, 2018 Issue of Morgan Hill Life

Rock the Mock event with Rich Firato meeting Morgan Hill high school students.

The Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce is deeply interested in the prosperity and well-being of our community now and into the future. Relevant and compelling educational experiences are necessary to ensuring positive outcomes for our residents, businesses, and visitors. While it is tempting to view every challenge as someone else’s job, we have taken a more proactive approach. Rather than asking how others can do something, we ask how we can be one of the puzzle pieces in the big picture solutions.

In 2012 we re-started the previously dormant Chamber Education Committee to create and/or support projects and programs that bring the skills of the business community to local students in an exciting manner through partnerships with local educational providers.

Our first major program initiative was the Rock the Mock high school interview skills program which continues to this day. This year we reached more than 500 high school students. Another 2017-18 accomplished was the first Morgan Hill Job Shadowing day which placed more than 50 students in local offices and factories for a day of learning. We also recruited volunteers for Morgan Hill Manufacturing Day, the elementary school Read-In and multiple Career Fairs.

On Friday, April 6, the Education Committee held its annual brainstorming day to look at more ways we can make a positive educational impact in the years to come.

Although programs are important, relationships are the real cornerstone of long-term progress. Relationships between the business community, educators, nonprofits and retirees have been crucial to establishing a robotics program at Britton Middle School, manufacturing skills training courses at Gavilan Community College, support for the South Valley Science Fair, site visits, guest lectures and more.

While we are proud of the progress we’ve made, there is always farther to go. The world of work is changing at a pace that challenges our educational organizations to continuously reinvent themselves to keep pace. They do so in the face of daunting cost, hiring and facilities challenges.

The Chamber participates in various committees, forums, and conversations to continue the ongoing conversations about making it all work. We look forward to participation from anyone interested in being part of this continuous improvement process. Thank you for your interest and support.

John Horner is the president and CEO of the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce. Reach him at (408) 427-5865 or email



John Horner

John Horner

John Horner is the CEO/president of the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce. Reach him at (408) 779-9444 or
John Horner