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Pablo (Michael Evans Lopez), Virginia (Amy Resnick) and Tania (Marlene Martinez) listen as Frank (Jackson Davis) shares his desire to win the gardening prize in “Native Gardens” presented by TheatreWorks Silicon Valley at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts August 22 through September 16. Photo credit: Kevin Berne

The TheatreWorks production of “Native Gardens” makes for a perfect evening of drama tinged with humor. It’s well worth a trip to downtown Mountain View to see this clever new comedy.

Written by Karen Zacarias, one of the most prolific award winning American playwrights, the play challenges the audience by covering sexism, racism, maturing, pretentiousness with a humorous brush. Her dialogue is sharp and direct and delivered by a super talented cast. Amy Gonzalez directs concentrating on getting to the different areas keeping the humor in the utmost position.

The set by Andrea Bechert gets your attention as soon as you walk into the theatre to be seated. You immediately observe two pieces of properly next door to one another. One is a pristine backyard with a just well mowed lawn and a perfectly tasteful garden. Then there is next door with a large messy leaf dropping tree with the area around it that needs a large helping hand.

The neat side belongs to a reputable, well-to-do white couple, Virginia Butley (Amy Resnik), and Frank Butley (Jackson Davis), a couple who seem to have their near retirement plan and backyard well planned and under control. The messy side has just been bought by an up-and-coming younger Latino pair – pregnant Tania Del Valle (Marlene Martinez), and Pablo Del Valle (Michael Evens Lopez). They have just purchased the fix-it-up property with plans that do not merge with their neighbors. When Tania and Pablo discover that two feet of the neighbors property is really theirs, the property rights battle – and the fun – begins.


“Native Gardens”

Where: Mountain View Center For The Performing Arts, 500 Castro Street, Mountain View

Through Sept 16

Running Time: 85 minutes, no intermission

Tickets: $40-$100

Information and reservations (650) 463-1960 or visit


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Camille Bounds