Published in the September 12 – 25, 2018 issue of Morgan Hill Life


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Kirk Bertolet

My name is Kirk Bertolet. I have been a resident of Morgan Hill for more than three years and have lived in this region for more than 28 years and I’m a native of California. I grew up in a small town similar to what Morgan Hill is today and I have seen what happens when a city develops every inch of space.

I am a U.S. Air Force Veteran and I would like an opportunity to serve the community I live in. I currently work for Valley Transportation Authority maintaining the Light Rail signaling system.

As for my political views I am a conservative, defined as holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change, typically in relation to politics. Just like many people in Morgan Hill, I am extremely disappointed in the way city leaders have allowed for the rapid uncontrolled and ill-planned growth.

We need new leaders that are not part of the established political scene. Both my opponents have been involved in the city’s current development and I feel either of them will continue down the same path Morgan Hill has been on. It is time for new leadership and new direction. We need industry over housing. Imagine if one could live and work in Morgan Hill.

Morgan Hill has a huge unfunded liability owed to CalPers. When I ran for Mayor in 2016, the debt was $30 million. Today it sits at $42 million. The city still has a huge amount of infrastructure repairs that have not been addressed. I also feel the city council needs to update its ethics policy regarding certain criminal activity by council members. I strongly feel our elected representatives should lead by example and violations of our laws should be grounds for removal.

As for High-Speed Rail, I am opposed to that project. That being said, HSR is going to come through Morgan Hill. With my background in rail systems I am the best candidate to deal with the HSR to get the best route and safety system possible.

My priorities are 1, public safety (police and fire); 2, infrastructure maintenance (roads and facilities including parks and rec); 3, a balanced budget (paying down our unfunded liability); 4, other social issues like homelessness; 5, having fun and enjoying all that is Morgan Hill; and 6, keeping what makes Morgan Hill a great city to live in.

Please give me the opportunity to represent the people of Morgan Hill this election.

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