Published in the September 26 – October 9, 2018 issue of Morgan Hill Life

What happens when you have a guitar that is no longer functional and it is too cheap of a guitar to invest in fixing? My solution: donate it to local artist, musician and graphics designer Terry Guinn (his company is Graphix Gig) and let him perform his magic.

One day while on a weekend drive I found a cheap but good-looking sunburst Global brand acoustic guitar at a garage sale in Morgan Hill. It seemed in fine condition and the price was right so I bought it. But when finally getting around to putting on strings, it was obviously not a guitar anyone could use. The neck was bending from the pressure of the tightened strings and it appeared to have a cracked brace inside. The distance between the fret board and the strings (which is known as the action) was close to half an inch apart.

When I mentioned it to Terry, he told me he had an idea. Last year he was commissioned to do a piece which was a wine-rack made from a drum and it truly became a show piece for the charity. When I told him I wanted to donate it to him to create something, he said “I want to make this guitar into a ‘49er wine-rack and then donate it to Operation Freedom Paws for their Paws & Patriots as a silent auction item and raise some bucks.”

A few weeks later he told me he is making progress on the wine-rack guitar and it is almost done. The following week at our weekly LeTip meeting he brought in the finished product.

It was beautiful! The rack held a couple of wine glasses and five bottles of wine. He obviously spent a good amount of time on the project, it looked great and was very functional.

His idea of making it a ‘49er-themed piece was done deliberately to attract more bids from football fans. The project took three weeks to complete. Quite a few people bid on it and the couple who won it were extremely excited to have it to display in their wine cellar.

I asked Terry what his next project is going to be and he said he is working on a San Jose Sharks-themed player signed guitar wine-rack for the Sharks Foundation to use at their next Sampling With The Sharks wine tasting fundraiser event.

He wants to make the guitar wine-rack specific to a key Sharks player and have the player sign it and then the highest bidder gets a photo with the player, making it a very unique package. Maybe he will do a basketball piece for the Golden State Warriors.

Terry says he welcomes all ideas and can create something for your fundraiser. You can reach him by email at

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On another note, I am looking forward to playing music at the first Lotus Festival to be held at Hecker Pass Winery Oct. 6, in Gilroy. Crystals, unicorns, tarot cards, psychics and metaphysical songs (whatever that is) will be on hand for this first-time South Valley event. For more information, go to Facebook and search Lotus Festival Hecker Pass Winery.

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The GVA Café is back in business with their newly remodeled Music Studio and Art Gallery. The Chris & Friends Open Mic night is in full swing and once again live music is flowing out the doors Friday and Saturday nights. Check out the new digs.

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Everything is set for The Taste of Morgan Hill including the Saturday Night Street Dance from 7 to 10 p.m. Sept. 29 on the Festival Stage at West Third Street. This popular after-hours gathering will be featuring The Hitmen. The special guest opening act is Nashville singer-songwriter James Wesley.

New this year at the Taste: the House of Thunder will present Hot Rods and Harleys, a custom and classic car and bike show between East Dunne Avenue and Fourth Street on Sunday, Sept. 30.

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