Published in the September 26 – October 9, 2018 issue of Morgan Hill Life


By Yvonne Martinez-Beltran

Yvonne Martinez-Beltran

As a Morgan Hill native, a mother, wife of a commuter, urban planner and planning commissioner, I bring a diverse background and unique experience to represent you and your family. Raised in District B, my family and I have been here more than 35 years and my husband and I are raising our three daughters here. I attended our schools and graduated from Live Oak and earned a Master’s in Urban Planning in Housing and Economic Development at NYU. I am running because I am committed to preserving the essence of Morgan Hill, our quality of life and enhancing the economic strength of our city.

My policy will be one of inclusion by being accessible to residents to share ideas, concerns and re-engage our community, ensuring seniors, families with children and all groups that make us Morgan Hill are heard. My goal is to take your message and collaborate with other leaders to meet the city goals we’ve established together.

I will prioritize a housing plan to achieve our goals and maintain local control, delivering high quality projects, and ensuring smart growth. We must commit to a more walkable community by preserving open spaces and supplementing with parklets, community gardens and park bathrooms, become more pedestrian/bike oriented and work with developers who share that vision.

I am committed to preserving public safety. Therefore, the challenge is to ensure growth is scaled and balanced to not overextend our public safety and infrastructure.

I am a proponent of bringing high paying jobs and opportunity through advancing and further developing our economic blueprint, incubating businesses, vocational training, and solving our telecom issue. I will also champion Morgan Hill residents in regards to High-Speed Rail. I am committed to protecting and advocating for Morgan Hill. Your vote, your voice, our future. Please visit, follow my Facebook page and let’s meet!

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