Published in the October 10 – 23, 2018 issue of Morgan Hill Life

Heather Orosco

I have taught throughout the educational cycle of Whole Language, Reading First, No Child Left Behind and now, Common Core.

The educational paradigm may shift, but the truth is our children deserve the best of what the Morgan Hill community has to offer.

It’s time to take our most priceless assets, our children, and reconnect them to the real world through education. Whether that be called, “Common Core” or “Project-Based Learning,” it comes down to learning how to participate in society starting with our local community.

Our students need to be ready to compete in the 21st century with education and skills readying them for a competitive job force. In addition, the schools need to be continually maintained and provide a safe environment for all students.

My goal is to work with the school district board to help the district follow through on providing the best learning environment and experience they can with the support of the community.

I grew up in Turlock in the Central Valley of California. My parents owned and operated a bookstore for 25 years. I attended private schools until college. I attended UCSC for three years and then received my Bachelors in Environmental Nutrition from CSU Stanislaus in Turlock. As I continued post-graduate courses in administration I substituted at local schools. I switched to Chapman University and completed classes for my multiple subject credential.

I have been teaching since 1996. I taught for two years at private schools, then worked for 17 years in Livingston Unified.

I was married and raised a daughter and son. During that time I received a master’s in education, with an emphasis on teaching, through Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

I relocated to Morgan Hill in 2014 taking a temporary teaching position with MHUSD. I then remarried and took another teaching job with Gilroy Unified.

After two years at South Valley Middle School teaching sixth-grade language arts and math, I am determined to help the community by using my teaching experience and expertise to bring MHUSD to its highest academic capacity.

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