Published in the October 10 – 23, 2018 issue of Morgan Hill Life

Vanessa Sutter

As a parent in the MHUSD for 16 years, my husband and I have put five kids through public schools here. Each of our children are unique, and have had different needs. From advanced placement courses to special needs programs, I have been a part of it all.

I’ve seen amazing examples of what’s possible over the past decade. My kids have had incredible, creative teachers. I’ve gotten to know remarkable leaders who have an eagle eye on student achievement. And I’ve also seen and experienced the more frustrating side of things, when the system does not support students. A belief that we can do better is what compelled me to run.

I have had extensive experience working with educators and administrators at the school, district and county levels in both professional and volunteer capacities. I bring an appreciation and understanding of what it takes to make a school successful and I am not afraid to put in the hard work it requires to make it happen.

I plan to leverage my master’s in counseling psychology from Santa Clara University and my experience working with students to bring resources, attention, and solutions to the mental health challenges of students. I will also apply my expertise in working with college students to ensure our students are as prepared as possible to take their next step.

If elected my promise to you:

  • A focus on kids with every board decision
  • Ensure all parents have the information they need to make the best decisions for their families
  • Prioritization of kid-facing programs and staff during budget discussions and decisions
  • A renewed focus on closing the achievement gap
  • Dramatically increase the number of students graduating “college-ready”
  • Focus on mental health needs in our schools

I believe together we will create the highest-quality schools our students and community deserve.


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