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South Valley Civic Theatre’s “Godspell” teen musical plays through March 2 at the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse on the corner of East Dunne Avenue and Monterey Road. Tickets for shows are now available at Photo by Marty Cheek

Be sure to arrive relaxed with a good night’s sleep and never mind your usual cup of coffee. You won’t need it when you see the South Valley Civic Theatre’s teen musical “Godspell.” The hippie-era show will keep you in an upbeat mental alert space throughout the performance.

South Valley Civic Theatre includes this energetic production of “Godspell” as part of its 50th anniversary season. In 1971 the show ran off-Broadway for 2,000 performances. It was followed by a Broadway revamped revival in October 2011 that ran for two years followed by a popular movie version in 1973. This SVCT production is taken from the revised 2011 Broadway production.

Stephen Schwartz composed music and lyrics from a study his friend Michael Tebelak was submitting as his thesis for his doctorate. The story is based on Jesus surrounded by his disciples while he teaches his parables from the gospels of Matthew, John and Luke. It takes bring in the lessons of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son and has a heart-rending depiction of Judas’s betrayal and the Resurrection.

There are 20 teen performers and ccording to “Godspell” Producer Michelle Griffin the average age is 14. They never leave the stage throughout the show. They are truly amazing and emit a continuous briskness of energy and activeness that continually keeps the audience’s attention.

The music and lyrics are delivered with a simple laid back charm with a richness in harmony. Mike Rubino leads the SVCT orchestra never missing a cue in a complicated score.

Andy Gonzalez as Jesus showed a vocal smoothness and his gentle and, at times, humorous delivery fit the moment. Charlie Grimm as John the Baptist and Sean O’Connor as Judas are commendable

Megan Grifffin directs with deep detail and kept her cast under fine control. She and the show’s Assistant Director Christine Carillo also offered the delightful, well-done choreography that often steals the show.

SVCT’s “Godspell” is a supremely memorable delight for a night out with an ancient story reminding us of the important message of love and forgiveness.



Produced by The South Valley Civic Theatre

Where: Morgan Hill Community Playhouse, 5th and Montgomery Streets, Morgan Hill

Running Time: 2 hours thirty minutes with one fifteen minute intermission


Tickets: $16-$25

For tickets, reservations and information visit:

Tickets can also be purchased at the door on a space availability basis.






Camille Bounds

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Camille Bounds