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By Donna Lane

Photo courtesy Gavilan College

This year’s Wings of History Aviation Day will feature a Drone Zone obstacle course, alongside its many impressive vintage and antique aircraft. The obstacle course is designed for users who’d like to test their skills. This is an activity that has seen an increase in popularity in the past several years. However, it’s also an interesting juxtaposition as the future meets the past.

Since the fall semester of 2017, Gavilan College has offered courses in drone technology. Students can pursue an associate’s in science or a certificate from Gavilan’s Coyote Valley Campus. Course offerings include flight operation and pilot certification, aerial photography and video, maintenance technician, and data acquisition and analysis.

Drones are changing the way we do business, and they can make our lives simpler and more convenient. While we tend to think of drones for their use in espionage and gathering military intelligence, they’ve become important elements in modern business as well. From delivering small packages to gathering data, drones are now used in a variety of ways.

Let’s say a Gilroy rancher notices cattle keep getting out, or a coyote attacking the herd. That rancher can use drones to survey their property, checking on livestock, or investigating the location of a broken fence.

Similarly, maybe a Morgan Hill real estate agent would like to shoot a video for marketing efforts, showing off the scenic landscape that surrounds a new housing development. A drone can simplify that task, and it’s much more affordable than hiring a film crew and a helicopter. A short time later, the video can be posted to the real estate agent’s website or social media feeds.

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