Enjoy the scenic Coyote Valley and other OSA sites at outdoor events

Photo courtesy Open Space Authority
Little Uvas Creek is part of the Open Space Authority’s preserved lands.

Summer is here. With warm weather, longer days, and kids out of school, it’s a fun time to explore Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve and other outdoor public spaces.

While it might take an act of Congress to get your teens to look up from their phones, don’t fret. Your best option for a much-needed escape might be right here in your own backyard. For a limited time, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority is opening some of their current reservation-only properties so the general public can experience the beauty of nature that these hidden spaces have to offer.

Through multiple events scheduled through July, you can get out of the house and take in some of South Valley’s beautiful landscape.

Activities include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and stargazing. If you’ve got little ones, there are family activities like picnicking, rock painting,  watercolor painting, and wildlife presentations.

By mid-July, every parent is tired of hearing, “I’m bored!” A perfect antidote is a lunch out in nature with the family.

On Sunday, July 14, the OSA will hold a special family-friendly Picnic Day.

This picture-perfect preserve is tucked into the southern Santa Cruz Mountains west of Morgan Hill. It offers an opportunity to experience rolling hills, oak trees, and a pond full of frogs, fish, and other wildlife.

Families can enjoy watercolor and rock painting, nature activities and crafts, and a wildlife presentation. Just bring your own snacks or meal and enjoy a picnic.

Chances are, you drive past the foothills each day on your way to work, errands, and school activities.

But we often fail to notice the beauty that surrounds Coyote Valley. With OSA’s events, you might just be inspired to put down your phone and enjoy the view.

Donna Lane