100 percent of what you give will go directly to the victims

Staff Report

T he South Valley is still recovering from the shock of the tragic mass shooting of July 28, 2019 on the grounds of Christmas Hill Park during the closing hour of the 41st Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Since then, the community has raised more than $620,000 for the victims of the shooting, according to Donna Pray, executive director of the Gilroy Foundation, which is overseeing the fundraising.

Within days of the tragic shooting, she said, they had five groups come into the office carrying cash or bringing them a check from money they have raised. Others have called to set up a time to come by with their donation.

“Our Bay Area sports teams have pledged their support; Silicon Valley corporations have let us know they will be sending donations; Realtors, business owners, travel groups, artists, families, fitness centers … and on and on … everyone wants to do something,” she said in a press release.

As they move forward with the process of collection of donations, they said they are looking ahead to the next step: providing financial relief for victims. Protocol and applications forms are being developed. More information will be available to the community very soon.

If you would like to make a donation, know that 100 percent of what you give will go directly to the victims.

An oversight committee has been established at Gilroy Foundation. They will determine eligibility and relief fund awards. All relief fund awards are left to the discretion of the oversight committee.

  • Donations may be made online at gilroyfoundation.org
  • Donations may be mailed to Gilroy Foundation, P.O. Box 774, Gilroy, CA 95021
  • If you would like to bring a donation to the office, phone 408.842.3727 to find a mutually agreeable time.
  • If you would like a Gilroy Foundation representative to be present at your event, email [email protected]
Robert Airoldi