If you love to laugh, this Pintello production is well worth watching

Charlie Baker played by Ronnie Misra sharing his strange customs with Betty Meeks (Rosalind Farotte) and Ellard Simms ( Nick Frio). Photo courtesy Pintello Comedy Theater

Head to the Pintello Comedy Theater in Gilroy to enjoy “The Foreigner.” The classic comedy about the magic of kindness is full of plenty of belly laughs for South Valley audiences.

The show brings us to the Deep South with a wonderful cast of players directed by Whitney Pintello.

The story takes place in a fishing lodge in Tilghman County, Georgia. The eccentric characters keep the audience tickled.

A dynamite expert in the British Army, Froggy Le Sueur (Tom Shamrell) brings his buddy, the intensely shy Charlie Baker (Ronnie Misra) who doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone, let alone talk with them. Froggy tells everyone that Charlie comes from an exotic foreign country and doesn’t speak a word of  English.

He has an assignment and must  leave him in the care of fascinated Betty Meeks (Rosalind Farotte), owner of the failing  Meek’s lodge.

Charlie is privy to all that goes on because everyone else thinks he doesn’t understand them. The plot gets complicated with Catherine (Angie Higgins), the Reverend David Lee (Jayson Stebbins),  and Owen Mussar, (Mike Thompson) working on their own  troubles, while Catherine’s dim-witted brother Ellard (Nick Fryou) tries to teach Charlie how to speak in English.

Written by Larry Shue, “The Foreigner” opened off Broadway November 1, 1984. On Broadway, it won two Obie Awards and two Outer Critics Circle Awards including Best New American Play and Best Off Broadway Production.

If you love to laugh, this Pintello production is well worth watching.

On another note, have fun at Pintello’s New Year Bash  “Little Shop Of Horrors.” Make your reservations early. The New Year’s Eve show sells out fast.

Camille Bounds