By working together, Morgan Hill will get through this in a strong and resilient manner

Photo by Marty Cheek
City of Morgan Hill officials closed all playgrounds in city parks due to the COVID-19 outbreak, including this one at Paradise Park.

By Rich Constantine

Rich Constantine

Our community along with the entire world is facing a crisis like none we have ever experienced. The unknown is making many of us anxious and uncertain of the future. It is creating challenges and difficulties for many.

I want to acknowledge this and assure each and every one of you that the city of Morgan Hill is taking this very seriously.

The city council, city leadership and I have the health and safety of our community as a top priority. While we have had to furlough many of our city teammates to comply with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department order and to further create social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are continuing to provide essential city services which include public safety and public works.

Our teammates are working diligently to explore all options, plan for the weeks ahead, connect with our partners in the community and with other agencies to focus on caring for our residents. We want to continue to ensure the health and safety of the community both now and in the future.

We, as a community, are facing the COVID-19 crisis together. By working together, Morgan Hill will get through this in a strong and resilient manner.

We have an incredible community and we need to come together for the betterment of all. Now is the time for each and every one of us to put aside their differences and adopt a community approach. I have confidence that we will all work together through this crisis to ensure our community stays strong and healthy.

Your leaders with the county of Santa Clara as well as with the city of Morgan Hill ask that each and everyone of us adhere to the shelter-in-place order.

The purpose of this order is to keep our community safe and healthy by slowing the spread of COVID-19. This will only happen if each and every one of us strictly adhere to the directive to stay at home with the exception of essential business. If one is out in the community please adhere to the social distancing recommendations of staying six feet apart from one another.

Wash hands with soap and water (if unavailable please use hand sanitizer).  Please stay home if sick. This also requires non-essential businesses to close their doors for the time being, even while facing significant financial impacts.

When purchasing basic and essential items such as food, toilet paper, paper towels, soap and disinfectants please be thoughtful of others. There is not a shortage of these products. However, due to hoarding many of these essentials are in short supply at our local stores. Please only buy what you need and think of the rest of the community. If you have more than you need please consider sharing with those in need.

We have established a call center for urgent yet non- emergency calls and text messages. That number is (408) 767-6404. It is currently answered between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday,

Additionally, we have established a city webpage devoted to information and resources related to COVID-19

I encourage you to sign up to receive City updates by email at and ALERT SCC to receive important county notifications

Morgan Hill is a strong and generous community. We know how to help each other. By working together, I know we will come through this stronger than ever. Stay healthy, stay calm and support one another.

Morgan Hill Mayor Rich Constantine wrote this column for Morgan Hill Life. He can be reached by email at [email protected]
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