COVID-19 brings all of us to understand that life offers challenges but we can survive

By Robert Airoldi

This global pandemic is hitting us financially and emotionally. Many people have lost jobs or work hours and are worried about how to pay their rent and other bills. Some are trying to keep their small businesses going so they can survive until we start gradually reopening our economy. Most of us are struggling emotionally as we see the numbers continue to rise and wonder what life will be like in the future. Life during the pandemic is daunting.

I realize world has changed and I made the decision to change with it. This decision did not come quickly or easily. Rather it has morphed in the past six weeks. I appreciate the “little things” much more now.

I still drive to an empty office and the commute has been a blessing, but a blessing in disguise. Never will I ever complain again about being stuck in traffic, because that means people are back at school and work.

Never will I ever complain about waiting for a table at a crowded restaurant because that means people are enjoying an evening out with friends and family.

Never will I ever complain about standing two deep at a bar waiting for a cocktail at happy hour because that means people are enjoying time with each other. I especially miss the weekly happy hour at Ladera Grill with Michael, Ed, Ted, James, Art, Gary, and many others. We began our weekly social outings about six years ago and have now, because of COVID-19, missed seven consecutive Tuesday gatherings, by far the most ever.

Never will I ever complain about a rude person on their phone in a crowded movie theater because that means I am enjoying a film with others.

Never will I ever complain about the lack of treadmills or bikes at the gym because that means things are back to “normal” and we’re getting much needed exercise.

Never will I ever complain about the traffic surrounding the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center because that means kids are back playing outdoor together.

Never will I ever complain about a crowded Transportation Security Authority line to board a crowded airplane because that means I’m traveling somewhere.

There are so many “little things” I miss during this shelter in place. But when this is all over and we’re back to some semblance of normalcy, I will not miss complaining.

And now a note of gratitude. Our two newspapers — Morgan Hill Life and Gilroy Life — have recently faced struggles because of the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on our advertising revenue. This situation is felt by many of the thousands of daily and weekly newspapers throughout the country. In a recent guest column, publisher Marty Cheek asked for financial support from our readers, suggesting $26 (the number of issues produced a year for each newspaper). You have been very generous in helping us keep publishing. It is heart-warming to see how our community supports its local community newspaper. Thank you!

Robert Airoldi