Starts with $10,000, but donations needed to help local nonprofits

By Staff Reports

Recognizing both immediate and long-term needs for disaster relief, the Morgan Hill Community Foundation  announced in late April that it has established a Community Disaster Relief Fund for the greater Morgan Hill area. This fund will provide a central collection point, repository and broad oversight to quickly mobilize donations and distribute funds and other relief to vetted local non-profits supporting disaster relief.

To kick-start the fund, MHCF has committed $10,000 in reserved funds and donations from its board members.

Use of Funds

MHCF, with the help of a community Advisory Committee, will employ the Community Disaster Relief Fund to respond to sudden events of declared disaster or emergency that bring damage, loss or destruction to people and/or property in the greater Morgan Hill Area.

The first qualifying disaster is the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic that has assaulted our community with death, illness,  job loss and business loss and shutdowns. Funds will be allocated based on qualifying community benefit, priority of need, ability to impact the need, availability of funds, and related criteria set by the MHCF board.

How the Fund Will Work

To help quickly identify specific needs, priorities, and paths for relief, MHCF is establishing an Advisory Committee of local residents representing a cross-section of community involvement and local leadership.

Advised by this committee, the MHCF board will consider and expedite applications from local non-profit 501c-3 organizations for grants to distribute needed services, goods or other forms of relief to specific qualified relief projects.

Community Donations Needed

The desire and commitment of residents and organizations in the greater Morgan Hill community to help each other in times of disaster and emergency have been made abundantly clear through many actions already taken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Community Disaster Relief Fund is a new and important path for attracting and mobilizing that help. This fund and the relief efforts it will support will depend on donations from the community.  Donations can be made through the MHCF website at

All donations made to the Community Disaster Relief Fund will be used for disaster relief in the greater Morgan Hill Area. Morgan Hill Community Foundation is a 501c-3 charitable organization that connects donors and local needs for a lasting impact on the quality of life in our community. They encourage a “Give Where You Live” philosophy.

For more information please contact Nick Gaich, President Morgan Hill Community Foundation at [email protected]

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