Take a deep dive into website content, layout, accessibility, and sales platforms

By Brittney Sherman

Brittney Sherman

It’s not about having time, it’s about making time. If it matters, you will make time. Many of us have plenty of idle time as a result of the ongoing shelter in place, however what are we doing with this time? Learning that second language we always wished we took in high school? Painting that wall in the house that has been an eyesore for years? Cooking healthier food and walking more?

For businesses, this idle time is particularly important in preparation for re-opening. The Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce launched the “Fit Business Challenge” May 5 in an effort to help business owners make the most of their time.

Each week during the month of May a different challenge will be issued to the business community designed to help create, update, and maximize their operations. Each challenge lists a specific topic and includes overviews, tutorials, webinar links and more to help achieve the goal.

Week No. 1 was about the “Grow with Google” campaign. The challenge included claiming/updating your Google listing, testing its speed on mobile devices, understanding your customers, and earning Google Achievements.

Week No. 2 was centered around “Connecting with your Customers.” This challenge highlighted the importance of social media and communication platforms such as YouTube, YELP, Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat. Business owners were directed to watch webinars from KSBW and best-selling author Tom Ray and Julee Klein Marketing.

As we round the corner into week No. 3, we will take a deep dive into website content, layout, accessibility, and sales platforms.

Week No. 4 at this point is still undetermined. However, prospective topics include “Formatting a Lean Budget,” “Legal Issues” and “Crisis Preparedness.” As a small business owner you are hopeful when you hear Gov. Gavin Newsom allow businesses to re-open but at the same time frustrated to learn Santa Clara County decides to maintain stricter rules further delaying the progress. Regardless of when the green light is given, if your business isn’t fully prepared to re-open you will continue to fall further behind. Use this uninvited idle time now to optimize your visibility, connect with your customer base, freshen up your website and create a strong message that you are ready to be “open for business.”