An active link to the Morgan Hill Marketplace Platform will go live Wednesday July 22.

Yiftee Gift Card Program

By Brittney Sherman

Brittney Sherman

Are you someone who starts their Christmas shopping in July? Need a birthday, anniversary, thank you or simply a “Hang In There” gift?

It will soon be easier than ever to purchase a gift card from a Morgan Hill Business thanks to a unique program that creates a free Morgan Hill virtual marketplace.

The Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce and Choose Morgan Hill teams have joined forces to launch the Morgan Hill Yiftee Gift Card Program.

Our partner, Yiftee, has created a service where local businesses can design their own free custom-branded e-Gift Cards and sell them from their website, Facebook page and through a unique Virtual Marketplace.

How does it work? An active link to the Morgan Hill Marketplace Platform will go live Wednesday July 22.

At that time, you can visit the site, peruse the many business participants, select your preferred business, choose your gift card dollar amount and push buy. A virtual gift card with your authenticity code will be emailed or texted to yourself or the card recipient (if it’s a gift). Now all that’s left to do is redeem your card.

Why does it work? Purchasing a gift card from a local establishment generates up-front revenue for that individual business and also sales tax revenue which finances city services such as police, fire, parks, road maintenance, etc.

Further, patronizing small businesses builds community identity, creates jobs and opportunities, supports a healthier environment and encourages continued donations to local nonprofits/events/teams.

This program is Phase #1 of a larger business support campaign. Tune in for additional updates and program unveilings. In the meantime please keep your transactions local and help keep our small businesses, well, in business.

Brittney Sherman is the chief executive officer for the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce. Contact her at (408) 779-9444 or at [email protected]