Each package includes notebooks, crayons, pencils, rulers, playdough, playing cards, and more

By Corrine Worrell

Corrine Worrell

What if one bag could change your child’s ability to learn? What if you could get instant relief and help during this season of the unknown? At Vive Morgan Hill, it’s all possible.

My name is Corrine Worrell, and I have just started attending Vive Morgan Hill during this global pandemic. I recently moved to this area from Ohio and have only been blown away by the generosity of Vive Church.

I moved out here for a job as a nanny because I have a deep love and passion for being a part of children’s development. Vive Morgan Hill was the first place that took me under their wings and welcomed me into their community, as I didn’t know anyone previous to moving here. I was very excited about the mission of Vive church — “awakening people to the reality of Jesus.” And I’m even more excited to share one small example of how we are doing exactly that this month.

We are currently partnering with local apartment complexes in Gilroy and the surrounding areas to give away school supplies to kids in need.

We know this school year is going to look and feel different as parents are transforming their homes into classrooms, facing reduced income, job losses, etc. So, each child will receive a gift that is carefully packaged with supplies that will equip every child in this uncertain new world. We wanted to make sure that families will be helped not only financially but also practically. Each package includes notebooks, crayons, pencils, rulers, playdough, playing cards, and so much more.

We are so thankful for the generosity of those within and outside of the church, as we are now able to give away more than 100 bags of essentials for kids from elementary age to high school.

Families outside of the church who heard about the project donated — and even Morgan Hill Target. We were even able to do it in a very personal way — coming into different neighborhoods, meeting people, and giving supplies directly into the hands of their kids. We wanted to take this fantastic opportunity to bless others like we are continually being blessed.

“It’s great to have a church community investing in our children,” said Rebecca, a mom who benefited from this outreach. “Going into this school year with so many great supplies have my girls so excited about this new school year! Thank you, Vive Church! What a true blessing this was in an uncertain time for all.”

 We also wanted to share with local families our Vive Royal Kids YouTube channel to hear uplifting messages and songs of hope, each week. Kids will be able to dance, too, and listen to exciting messages that are still relevant at this time.

Though the world may feel uncertain, there is renewed momentum and excitement in this season. We like to say “you belong before you believe here” at Vive Church. Every week, new people are joining the church. There is a purpose for the church. Focusing on bringing generosity and hope is the key to breakthrough in this season, and I was so happy to find that within the Vive community. We know God is moving through this unprecedented time, so if you need any support or need supplies, feel free to get connected with our Royal Kids Ministry through social media or vivechurch.org/morganhill. We would love to bless you through this season.

Corrine Worrell is an aspiring writer originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is currently working on getting her English degree from Grand Canyon University, as well as working as a full-time nanny in Morgan Hill.

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