District A

Gino Borgioli

Gino Borgioli

As a previously elected official at MHUSD, I learned that good governance is essential to making intelligent decisions. I’m a graduate of Masters in Governance from CSBA with training in finance, collective bargaining and risk management to name a few. Bold leadership is desperately needed to address city issues like stopping large distribution projects like Trammell Crow which adds to our already congested streets and ultimately erodes the essence of our once peaceful community.

Ask yourself, what has the current District A city council member done for your neighborhood in his last 20 years? Are you better off now than 20 years ago?

Bringing in big distribution centers like the Shoe Palace without proper public input is not why we elected Mr. Carr. Increased traffic and haphazard housing developments is simply out of control. Let’s take back our city and our neighborhood!

  • I will represent all  of District A, not just the downtown area.
  • People feel there is no transparency in our city, and no one listens. I want you to know, I will be your advocate at city hall.
  • I won’t let projects like Trammell Crow massive distribution centers get passed without the support of the voters.
  • I won’t vote for a massive bond measure that we would be paying for 30 years.
  • I will only make promises I will keep – look at my track record.

Dave Clink, Morgan Hill City Treasurer said when I was on the School Board, “Gino Borgioli keeps a balanced budget. He’s a vigilant watchdog with taxpayer money.” I will commit to this same vigilance at the city level, I will be accountable to you the taxpayer!

I have lived here for 35 years and my priority will be listening to our community. I will use my life’s experience, including my 35 years in high tech to refocus the future so ‘we the people’ have a say about our town.

For more information on how you could help visit: www.voteginoborgioli2020.com.

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