District C

Rene Spring

Rene Spring

Morgan Hill has been our home for more than 16 years.

For many years I have been involved in our community as a volunteer, council member, former planning commissioner, and former board member of local nonprofit organizations.

I enjoy being out in our community to listen to our residents. Many of you got to know me in person and shared your concerns, ideas and thoughts with me and made me a more effective council member.

My experience and the feedback from so many in our community has shown me that my strong voice at our city council is still much required to better reflect the issues and priorities so many of our residents care about.

I firmly stand for slower, more responsible residential growth; one that promotes a fiscally sustainable community and does not overstretch our public services or lose valuable natural resources. This, unfortunately, has become an up-hill battle due to recent state laws enacted that I had opposed early.

New businesses are needed to increase our city’s revenue streams and to help it recover from COVID-19 related impacts. However, we need businesses in our town that are a good fit for our community. I strongly oppose new large distribution and fulfillment centers.

We need to be creative in our economic development efforts to be ready for changing market needs. There is increased demand for co-working centers to foster creativity and new ventures, and for opportunities such as dispensaries and test-labs.

As huge animal lover, I encouraged the city back in 2017 to sign a contract with the county for on-going animal services via the county’s animal shelter in San Martin. I recently lobbied successfully to keep it in place.

I am a supporter of us becoming an even more inclusive, equitable and diverse community. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I will continue to be a strong advocate for more LGBTQ+ services in our area.

As an approachable, engaged, caring and experienced council member I will continue to build bridges to foster positive change.

I respectfully ask for your vote for my re-election. For more information go to http://springforcouncil.org

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