Candidates share their thoughts, areas of expertise on education

By Pam Torrisi

Pam Torrisi

My name is Pam Torrisi. I believe I am the best candidate for Trustee Area 5, because  I have lived in this area for 55 years, and worked for Morgan Hill School District for 34 years as a paraprofessional. I am still involved in community activities, and will continue my commitment to the district, staff, students and community.

My family moved here when I was 14. I graduated from Live Oak High School, as did  my son. My granddaughter went to Paradise Valley School for kindergarten and first grades. I was hired in 1980 to work in the Math and Computer Labs. Later, I worked with Special Education students in grades 1 through 12 at Paradise Valley, Britton and Live Oak.  I retired in 2014 after spending the last six years at Live Oak High School.

During my years as an employee, I was an active member of SEIU. I was a negotiator and officer and served as president for 10 years. I was part of the budget committee when we had to cut several million dollars, due to the recession in California and the country. As a committee we made difficult decisions that resulted in some layoffs. I was also actively involved with the  hiring committees  for district superintendent, directors, and principals.

Currently, I am the chair of the Personnel Commission. Our job is to ensure the rules of Education Code and the Merit System are being followed in relation to classified employees.

I am also still involved with young people as a tutor and as a docent at Villa Mira Monte. We bring history to life for third graders on their field trips to the museum, home and grounds.

I know how to work cooperatively to create a cohesive group that best serves our community. I am able to work with a wide range of people to solve problems and meet the needs of our community.

Again, I believe I am the best candidate due to my nearly lifelong commitment to the Morgan Hill community.

By Ivan Rosales Montes

Ivan Rosales Montes

I’m Dr. Ivan Rosales Montes and I’m a candidate for the Morgan Hill Unified School District Board, Trustee Area 5. I am running to represent you because I care deeply about our community and education.

Growing up, I experienced first-hand the challenges of navigating our educational system. Many of the challenges my family and I experienced are still endured by students today.

I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college. I am grateful for the support I received from dedicated teachers and caring community members, which made all the difference.

I first began my career in education as a teacher and then served as an administrator responsible for bringing strong academic programming across an entire district, while earning my doctorate in education from the University of Pennsylvania. I have extensive experience crafting curriculum for thousands of students, as well as designing and implementing professional development for teachers, instructional coaches and school administrators. I’ve also designed and built a rigorous after school program that provided students across 11 schools three hours of daily supplemental support within a school year

Currently, I have the privilege of serving our community as the proud principal of a public elementary school where I have first-hand experience leading distance learning and back-to-school efforts amid the pandemic.

I’m committed to our community and equity, while ensuring students receive an innovative instructional program and wraparound services that serve them holistically.

My priorities are:

  • Prioritizing innovative STEAM programming
  • Meeting our students’ socio-emotional needs
  • Deepening our commitment to a strong early childhood education
  • Enhancing the educational program for our most vulnerable populations
  • Elevating the voice of our students and families so educational decisions include their voice in the decisions that affect them I bring a unique and much needed perspective to serve you as MHUSD trustee.

Join me in bringing new energy to our board leadership by voting for me during the coming election. I invite you to visit my website: or call me at (408) 766-4740.

Let’s work together to ensure Morgan Hill is the best place for our students!

Editor’s note: In MHUSD Trustee Area 6, Mary Patterson is running unopposed. In MHUSD Trustee Area 7, Adam Escoto is also unopposed.

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