New design showroom offers one-stop shopping

Photo by Robert Airoldi
From left, Summer Volle (showroom manager), Amber Linse (lead designer), Brooke Nicholson (designer), Nicole Katona (designer), Dave Domenichini (owner) and Gina Varela-Domenichini (owner) of Studio 38 Designs and D.R. Domenichini Construction.

By Robert Airoldi

Looking to spruce up your home and make it the envy of your neighborhood? Stop by Studio 38 Designs for guidance in modernizing your interior decor. Local couple Dave Domenichini and Gina Varela Domenichini just opened their one-stop design shop in downtown Morgan Hill.

Walking through the 1,500-square-foot showroom, site of the former EMF Motorcycle Repair Shop, visitors find it’s built much like a modern home with a family room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom/office. This format allows homeowners, interior designers, architects and contractors the opportunity to see in one place several different design options for everything from kitchen drawers, to cabinet hardware to flooring, to wall and window treatments. For example, there are three different types of drawers in the kitchen to show the client options.

“Good, better, best,” said Dave Domenichini, owner of D.R. Domenichini Construction. “It makes it easier to make a decision.”

The home also includes smart home technology that enables the remote monitoring, control and management of appliances and systems such as locks, security systems, dishwasher, oven, washer, dryer, lighting and air conditioning and heating. It also will pour a specific amount of water from the kitchen faucet.

The showroom has displays of dozens of options of door and cabinet hardware, counter-tops, flooring and a bathroom remodel can include an automatic toilet that lifts the heated seat when you approach, explained designer Nicole Katona. This gives the client the ability to select all materials and options and get things done in one day.

Studio 38 staff can measure and take a picture of the kitchen and/or bathroom being remodeled and using new technology, they can bring back a digital rendering and show the client all options available with the touch of a screen.

“This really simplifies the process for a client or designer,” Dave said.

He said they recognized South County had no showrooms to the extent they wanted to build. He began in July 2019, but was shut down for a few months as was his construction firm early on during the pandemic. Luckily, he said, they were able to keep the managers working and used the time to dial in the design process.

“Everyone worked from home and we upgraded our technology and the process,” he said.

Then, during the summer, more and more people who were stuck at home, began to realize they wanted to remodel. And with the new design showroom up and running they are able to control the design and material acquisition so they can really streamline the process, saving the client time and money.

“Our house was our office and now we’re all here and we can collaborate better,” Gina said.

Now that the couple and 17 employees are working downtown, they are enjoying helping clients in their one-stop showroom.

“We’re trying to make the design process easier for the client,” Dave said.

And, they are having fun being a part of the downtown experience. Often, while working, people will just walk in to see the transformation from warehouse to showroom.

“We’re excited,” Dave said. “It’s fun to be a part of downtown. We’re constantly making new friends.”

Robert Airoldi