Click HERE to take the Vision-2020: Be a Hero for Humanity survey


Click HERE to take the Vision-2020: Be a Hero for Humanity survey

The aftermath of the 2020 election proves that the American experiment of democracy teeters on the brink of a major crisis.

We, the people, are divided. We are divided between two opposing visions of what our nation is and what our nation should be.

Regardless of what viewpoint you might take of the election results, it’s vital for all of us to admit the truth. The truth is the republic is in danger of ending if we fail to fix it.

The voters chose Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States. Unfortunately, the inauguration of President Biden on January 20 will not bring our national nightmare to an end.

Our breakdown will only get worse if we fail to heal our nation. And the deep divide between the two political factions will not be healed by one man.

America is too polarized as a nation right now. It will take millions of people — millions of ordinary citizens — to make a decision to take action – real action — to save our democracy.

The period of time between Election Day and Inauguration Day will be a difficult period. This year’s winter holidays will be painful ones for many of us who have lost loved ones and friends to the coronavirus.

The ever rising death toll will add somberness of the season. The pandemic and the economic struggles of millions of Americans who lost their jobs will prevent many of us from celebrating in the usual festive ways of parties and other fun activities.

But 2020 can also be a time of hope. I want you to help me turn the story around in a way that will unite Americans of both political persuasions.

Together, let’s make the 2020 holiday season one filled with hope for the future. As the year comes to a close, I want you to help me launch a very special movement that, if it succeeds, will make history. It’s called “Vision-2020.”

Let’s give the children of the world a hope for a much better tomorrow.

Let’s do a reset of our politics to end our polarization and follow a new path to give the world the greatest Christmas gift possible.

Let’s give the children of today the gift of a good future where they will grow up into adults twenty years from now who will live in a world that is free from the ravages of violence between nations.

If you care about our country, if you care about humanity, I encourage you to give a minute of your time and do something that is extremely simple but just might be the first step toward saving Christmas this year by giving the world a great gift.

Let’s go beyond the usual greeting card sentiment of “peace on Earth, goodwill toward men,” and let’s start a movement to actually bring true and lasting peace on our planet.

The gift is a promise that on Christmas Eve in the year 2040 all humanity will live in a world forever free from the terrors and violence of war.

Marty Cheek