$50,000 challenge grant comes from Sobrato Family Foundation

By Staff Report

Nick Gaich

The Morgan Hill Community Foundation announced Dec. 22 that they are the recipient of a challenge grant from the Sobrato Family Foundation of up to $50,000 to catalyze local giving for the Morgan Hill Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund. To date this program has executed three grant cycles totaling more than $48,800 supporting Morgan Hill area nonprofits who in turn provide essential resources and services to individuals and families of greatest need during this crisis.

“On behalf of our entire board of directors and the greater Morgan Hill community we are honored and privileged to be awarded this matching opportunity which, with the generous help of our community donors, will serve as a fund multiplier in our efforts to deliver impactful relief to the neediest of our neighbors in these still dark hours of the pandemic,” said Morgan Hill Community Foundation President Nick Gaich.

The challenge grant from the Sobrato Family Foundation will provide a one-for-one match of all donations received, which will enable the Morgan Hill Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund to extend their COVID-19 Disaster Relief Grant Program into the new year.

“We are well on our way to meeting the challenge grant goal of $50,000, as we have raised more than $22,000 from local donors to date,” said Rob Christopher, secretary of the Morgan Hill Community Foundation.

If you are able to contribute to the Morgan Hill Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund, please go to www.morganhillcf.org/donate-to-the-disaster-relief-fund.html and help meet the goal to infuse $100,000 of much needed COVID-19 relief into the greater Morgan Hill area.

Robert Airoldi