Bob and Maureen Hunt will transition out of role

Published in the June 21 – July 4, 2017 of Morgan Hill Life

By Diana Wood

Photo by Marty Cheek Bob and Maureen Hunt feel proud of the more than three decades they spent volunteering to organize Morgan Hill’s Fourth of July parade.

Did you know there is hidden treasure in Morgan Hill? A treasure overflowing with precious jewels and rare gems. The treasure comes in the form of Bob and Maureen Hunt and the bounty of treasure comes in the form of integrity, passion and love for our great country.

For 31 years the couple has been invaluable assets to the Morgan Hill Independence Day Parade. Initially, Bob and Maureen worked the parade as volunteers. Then in 1996 they transitioned into the event chair role, establishing the first gem placed into the treasure chest. It is refreshing to hear Bob explain the intentional reference that they as a couple represent a single chair rather than co-chairs. They are one in their heart, mind, and are committed to bringing Morgan Hill the best possible parade experience.

A single jewel does not a treasure make. Bob and Maureen’s chest of treasure abounds with gems and jewels comprised of a team of loyal volunteers.

Sam Houston, vice chair, has been a volunteer for 14 years. Sam describes the Hunts as dedicated hardworking leaders who no matter what they are working through address each situation with a smile on their face.

“The Hunts are humble compassionate leaders who put everyone else first,” he said. “Bob and Maureen are leaders with hearts as big as the country they passionately love and are first in line to serve their team at all times.”
Parade chair, Jane Thuirer, has been volunteering since 2008.

“Bob and Maureen are 100 percent behind the community and environment,” she said. “They set a high bar of credibility and character in everything they do.”

This year marks Bev Vanderweide’s third year volunteering. She is the parade equestrian chair.

“Bob and Maureen are always happy and consistently patient,” she said.” Even with the newest volunteer. They are so pleasant to work with, that’s why people come back to volunteer year after year.”

Donna Cowan, pre-parade broadcasting chair and her husband Don, parade liaison and facility coordinator have been volunteering for 17 years. Donna and Don shared that each year the Hunt’s focus immediately after the parade on how they can make things better next year.

The Hunts always have the volunteers in the forefront of their mind. The thought, care and appreciation poured into the team is like none other. Whether it be the special badges, stars of recognition, gifts, custom made memorabilia pins, end of season volunteer appreciation potluck … it’s all for the community. Bob and Maureen know that to provide the 50,000 Freedom Fest visitors with an event that makes memories, they will have for a lifetime with their family, they first must take care of the very people who work diligently and tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us the special 4th of July experience.

The Morgan Hill 4th of July parade is 141 years old and is the official parade of the Santa Clara County. When the Hunts assumed the position as event chair the attendance was in the arena of 25,000 visitors. Today, the estimated number of attendance is more than 50,000. The Hunts are rare gems that are not the least bit interested being recognized or marketing their accomplishments. The Hunts produce the parade out of the love in their hearts.

Bob and Maureen are highly regarded by the esteemed CalFest organization. They are sought after by festival producers who have received invitation and personally participated as honored guests, judges and producers in San Francisco’s Chinese New Year parade, Columbus Day parade and Mardi Gras parade. In a world currently bombarded with selfies self promotion, Bob and Maureen represent the refreshing treasure of humility, joy, passion and dedication.