Take a Hike . . . with Mike Monroe: Enjoy the fall colors and oak trees on a walk along Llagas Creek

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Super production years are called "mast" years and scientists are unsure what causes them Little Llagas Creek passes through the South Valley. By Mike Monroe Mike Monroe All of nature's seasons are amazing [...]

Your Garden . . . with Kate Russell: Trap cropping can be effective way to lure pests from MH gardens

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Multiple trap cropping uses several species to lure pests throughout a valuable crop’s life cycle Photo courtesy eOrganic.com By Kate Russell Kate Russell Every year, we plant our garden favorites in Morgan Hill. [...]

Nonprofit profile: Volunteers make Henry W. Coe Park fun for visitors

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At least 50 hours of volunteer time a year is expected of participants Dr. Anne Sanquini, right, discusses geology during a recent hike through the park.Photo courtesy Pine Ridge Association By Marty Cheek Without the [...]

Your Garden . . . with Kate Russell: Morgan Hill is a great place to start a garden

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Putting plants in the wrong location is a waste of time and money By Kate Russell Kate Russell Morgan Hill is the perfect place to learn how to garden. There is plenty of sunshine, nutrient-rich [...]

Open Space Authority hikes: Come for the fresh air and stay for the breath-taking views

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Enjoy the scenic Coyote Valley and other OSA sites at outdoor events Photo courtesy Open Space AuthorityLittle Uvas Creek is part of the Open Space Authority's preserved lands. Summer is here. With warm weather, longer [...]

Your Garden . . . with Kate Russell: Many things can cause hardpan, but bottom line is it’s not good for plants

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Photo courtesy www.vro.agriculture.vic.gov.au Hardpan is a layer of soil so dense that air, water, and roots can barely move through it. Unlike compacted soil, which is a general condition of soil that doesn't have enough [...]

Take a Hike . . .with  Mike Monroe: Explore the majestic redwoods of Mt. Madonna County Park

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By Mike Monroe Charles Kellogg Our annual sojourn to Yosemite Valley is always a special time. Usually we try to avoid the summer crush of tourists, but this year the weekend of June 8 and [...]

Your Garden . . .with Kate Russell: Warm, moist conditions means basil downy mildew threatens local crops

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Basil downy mildew pathogen is under California state quarantine Basil’s fragrant leaves make it a Morgan Hill gardener's favorite, but there is a new disease on the horizon: basil downy mildew. And warm, moist conditions are all [...]

Your Garden . . .with Kate Russell: While pruning, simply chop and leave plant material on the ground

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Published in the May 8 - 21, 2019 issue of Morgan Hill Life Each spring, Morgan Hill gardeners are busy trimming and pruning. All that plant material is then composted before being returned to planting beds. In [...]

Take a Hike . . .with Mike Monroe: Celebrate Earth Day while learning about vineyard sustainability

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CLICK HERE for more stories published in the April 24 - May 7, 2019 issue of Morgan Hill Life This year marks the 49th anniversary of Earth Day. What better way to toast Mother Nature than with [...]