Guest column by Dr. Kathleen Rose: Gavilan holds year-long celebration for 100 years educating the community

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By Dr. Kathleen Rose The first day of fall semester is always special at Gavilan College. It’s a time when new students, many who have never attended college before, many the first in their families to attend [...]

Community Voices by Matt Wendt: Sand volleyball courts would provide sports recreational opportunity

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Olympic gold medalist beach volleyball player, Misty May-Treanor, expressed her support for the project By Matt Wendt   Matt Wendt The city of Morgan Hill has planned and budgeted for sand volleyball courts at the [...]

Community Calendar: Published in the August 14 – 27, 2019 issue of Morgan Hill Life

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Ongoing Women’s Support Group An eight-week personal study with other caring women healing from post-abortion. These are individual or group sessions. Details: (408) 847-8880.   AARP Safe Driving Course A one-day course for 50 and older takes [...]

Take a Hike  . . with Mike Monroe: Hike the uplands of Anderson Lake and see and hear tule elk

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In the deer family, elk are second in size only to moose By Mike Monroe One of the true success stories of bringing an animal species back from the brink of extinction has to be that of [...]

Music in the Air . . . with Mark ‘Fenny’ Fenichel: Fifty years of memories linger as Woodstock anniversary concert canceled

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Photo courtesy Bettmann ArchiveOn foot and atop cars, young people leave the Woodstock Festival. By Mark Fenichel It’s hard to fathom that it has been 50 years since the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival changed [...]

Community Voices by Kathy Sullivan: A new season of ‘Stories from the Past’ debuts at Founders Dinner

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Founders Day dinner will showcase more from “Stories from the Past” project By Kathy Sullivan Kathy Sullivan The next time you visit Chitactac-Adams Park or Mt. Umunhum, you might encounter Valentin Lopez, tribal chair of [...]

Your Garden . . . with Kate Russell: Plants use structures and chemicals already in place to fight disease

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Be sure to sanitize tools regularly to halt the spread of disease from one plant to another By Kate Russell Plants may not have an active immune system, but that doesn’t mean they just roll over and [...]