Music in the Air . . . with Mark ‘Fenny’ Fenichel: Renowned Australian singer ALFIO returns to Guglielmo Winery

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ALFIO is  a singer-songwriter and within his shows he performs his own tunes which are fresh and exciting ALFIO By Mark Fenichel He’s from Australia and can sing in five languages. His heritage is Italian [...]

Your Retirement . . . with Marisa Otto: Take advantage of tax diversification in your retirement portfolio

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There’s no formula for achieving ideal tax diversification   By Marisa Otto As an investor, you will have access to accounts that are taxed differently from one another. And it’s possible you could benefit from tax diversification [...]

Around Town . . . by Robert Airoldi: Nonprofit helps students start school feeling good about themselves

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“Fit for Fall is a back-to-school clothing drive for the underprivileged served families." By Robert Airoldi More than 280 youths from underprivileged families in South Valley got a wonderful start to the new school year. They stepped [...]

Music in the Air . . . with Mark ‘Fenny’ Fenichel: Advent Lutheran Church to host an affordable music program for children

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Students are grouped in music classes open to all children, regardless of economic standing Photo courtesy Advent Lutheran Church By Mark Fenichel I  spoke with Kyle Jones, assistant director of the Beloved Community Art Center, [...]

Community Voices by Dayton Ewing: Family’s visit to Garlic Festival provides valuable survival les-sons

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There are actions to take to make sure you're safe as possible from a mass shooting incident Photo by Marty CheekPoppy Jasper Film Festival Director and Gilroy resident Mattie Scariot and friend Justin Bates, at the [...]

Around Town . . . by Robert Airoldi: Oakwood School unveils new arts center with ribbon cutting ceremony

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New building encourages creativity in students By Robert Airoldi Robert Airoldi Oakwood School celebrated the opening of the Gwendolyn Riches Liberal Arts Center Aug. 19, with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, [...]

Music in the Air . . . with Mark ‘Fenny’ Fenichel: Jazz Festival with more than 100 acts on 14 stages comes to San Jose

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Acclaimed lineup includes many top-notch acts Photo courtesy San Jose Jazz FestivalThe San Jose Jazz Festival, celebrating its 30th anniversary, will entertain thousands Aug. 9-11 in and around Cesar Chavez Park in downtown San Jose. [...]