Published in the October 10 – 23, 2018 issue of Morgan Hill Life

Peter Mandel

I moved to Morgan Hill and started a career with IBM after graduating from Cornell University with a degree in economics. My daughters attended Morgan Hill public schools, and my wife, Elizabeth, and I actively supported their education. While Elizabeth took on volunteer leadership roles at the schools, I was elected to the board of education. I am proud of the progress our board made for the children of the district. When I compare my 30-plus years in software with my two terms on the school board, I know helping our schools has been the most meaningful and important work I’ve done. As a classroom volunteer, I’ve seen close up the dedication and hard work of teachers.

We must refocus on valuing and retaining our great teachers, providing a rich educational experience, and preparing our children for their future rather than posturing and infighting. We need to manage our budget to improve our children’s education.

With the upcoming turnover of five out of seven seats, the two remaining members will each have less than two years experience. I bring a record of leadership and accomplishment. During my previous two terms we opened Sobrato High School, created Jackson Academy of Math and Music, launched the Dual Immersion Program, aligned our high schools’ curriculum with the CSU/UC entrance requirements, negotiated a rigorous and fair teacher evaluation process, balanced the budget, passed a construction bond, and improved the district’s bond rating. I know how to set goals and get things done.

Former MHUSD Superintendent Wes Smith says, “Peter Mandel is one of the best trustees with whom I have had the great pleasure of serving. Peter is extremely intelligent and strategic, and he always puts the interests of students first.”

I have a deep commitment to public education and the children of our district. I ask for your support so I can be part of a new board that will make a positive difference.

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