A brief recap of some recent public safety cases.

Information provided by the Morgan Hill Police Department.:

  • An Uber driver reported that he had picked up an intoxicated male and female from downtown. On the journey home, the male began to mock the driver’s nationality and when the driver finally had enough and asked the pair to get out of his car, the male began grabbing at him leaving minor scratches. The driver wished prosecution and the man was arrested.
  • Two suspects attempting to use various credit cards at Walmart were contacted in the parking lot. They were arrested for possession of stolen property, narcotics, stolen mail, stolen credit cards, and stolen social security numbers. (Note: MHPD encourages you to invest in a locking mailbox to help prevent mail theft. You can also put a free 90-day fraud alert on your SSN through one of the three credit reporting agencies if you believe you are a victim of fraud or theft. This is free, can be done online, and results in a “flag” to anyone attempting to use your SSN for credit purposes. Be wary of imposters or scams, there is no charge for the 90-day alert)
  • A driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a fence near Watsonville/La Alameda. Several fence boards impaled the passenger side of the vehicle, fortunately, the driver was the sole occupant and was unharmed.
  • A man drinking beer in the Bank of the West lobby was called in as “suspicious.” We know bank tellers have a “spidey-sense” about suspicious people, they need to, so we take those requests for help seriously. Turns out this guy was a PAL (parolee at large). He was arrested and “deposited” back in jail.
  • A female arrested for DUI was not very cooperative with officers and was ultimately booked into jail. We pride ourselves on providing good service and being your “#DepartmentOfChoice, but when she showed up on our radar again the next night and was arrested again for DUI, we started thinking….maybe our service is too good?
  • A big rig driver was arrested on multiple charges, one of which included DUI drugs after an “all night combo of meth and energy drinks.” Big thank you to our friends at CHP — Gilroy Commercial Enforcement Facility for sending a driver to take the big rig off our hands. Hopefully, the DMV and courts will make sure that guy isn’t driving any time soon.

Those are just a few of the cases taken by officers recently. Other events included “Tip a Cop” which raised about $1,400 for Special Olympics Northern California and was hosted by Chili’s Grill & Bar with volunteers from Morgan Hill Police Officers Association. And the “Bike Party” brought together a lot of community members as they rode from Bike Therapy all around town to MOD Pizza and back.

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Marty Cheek