Measure I can only be used on school facilities and the money will stay local

By Jennifer Klem-Myers

Jennifer Klem-Myers

Portables with mold in them. Outdated plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling ventilation systems. Classrooms that have not yet been updated with resources to support technology.

Buildings get old. Is this the way we envision the schools our community provides for its children and their teachers? Despite Morgan Hill Unified School District efforts, school campuses haven’t kept up with the changes of technology or the wear and tear of constant use. Each year, the district schedules improvement projects. But the demands for improved facilities outpace the resources to upgrade them.

I teach third grade at Barrett Elementary School, the youngest school in the district. It is a joy for me to walk onto our beautiful campus. But it will also age and have needs over the next 20 years. Most MHUSD campuses are still operating on resources they had in place when current students’ parents attended these public schools. I should know. I attended schools in this district from fifth grade until my high school graduation.

Public schools rely on taxpayers for financial support. With construction costs soaring, and Measure G funding being used for the rebuild of Britton Middle School’s campus, where does this leave other schools in Morgan Hill that need modernization for health and safety reasons? Teachers and support staff need classrooms and facilities that can help learners compete in the global high tech society we live in today.

Many teachers, including myself, choose to work for MHUSD because we want to work in the community where we live. Modern and well-kept facilities clearly communicate that we value our students and our teachers. We want to attract and retain the best teachers so our students will be educated and ready for their place within this community. We want them to grow up and live here and raise their children here, too. Keeping our schools in excellent condition benefits everyone in the community.

Measure I is the answer to help with all of this. By voting yes on Measure I, voters will help:

  • Modernize science, technology, engineering and math classrooms and labs for a 21st-century education

  • Upgrade vocational and career education programs preparing students for high-tech economy jobs

  • Repair leaky roofs and retrofit schools with better safety features

It’s important to note funds from Measure I can only be used on school facilities. The money will stay local and will support our schools over a 20-30 year period, untouchable by the state.

Teachers pride themselves on the work they do. We want our students to do the same. We are asking the community to help us keep the schools in Morgan Hill as vibrant as the community these schools serve. Let’s invest in our students by giving them the proper resources they need to be successful citizens in today’s global world. Vote yes on Measure I. Help us provide better schools for our students’ future.

Jennifer Klem-Myers is a 19-year veteran educator for MHUSD and the 2017 Teacher of the Year for the district. Both of her sons attend MHUSD schools.

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