The action will save the college $309,500 a year

By Staff Report

At their June meeting the Gavilan College Board of Trustees voted not to renew the school’s lease of a wing at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center.

The decision is due to COVID-19-related budget concerns, as well as a new state funding formula for community colleges. The action will save the college $309,500 a year in rental and other site costs.

“We remain committed to providing a broad selection of classes in the city of Morgan Hill,” said Denee Pescarmona, Gavilan College Vice President of Academic Affairs. “By moving out of the Community Center site, we open the door to new partnerships that may allow us to make the most efficient use of public funds and add content in Morgan Hill such as lab classes that we were previously unable to provide.”

Due to COVID-19 requirements, the college will be offering the majority of classes and services online for the Fall semester. “If we renewed the lease we would be paying for space we will not have the opportunity to use,” said Pescarmona

This change does not affect the Hollister Briggs Building site, which is being used during the pandemic for laptop and book distribution for Hollister students, and which remains cost effective due to the high proportion of Gavilan College students residing in Hollister.

Morgan Hill Site Supervisor Linda Bernabe and other staff will continue to serve the Morgan Hill community and general district service area by developing additional educational partnerships with the community, K-12, and industry partners.

Robert Airoldi