Rob Rennie

Why are you running for Santa Clara County Supervisor and what makes you qualified to represent District 1? 

My experiences, as a professional engineer, small business owner, climate activist and Los Gatos Town Council member representing our Town on regional boards and commissions, give me insight and expertise working with many of the issues facing our County.  I have been involved at the county level in transportation; disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery; environment and climate change / clean energy to name a few. My passion for public service, skills, and experience have prepared me to take on the new challenge of representing all district 1.

What in your opinion is the single most important challenge specific to South Valley residents and how do you intend to address it?

The COVID 19 recovery is definitely the biggest challenge we face.  Our local businesses are suffering.  The pandemic also took its toll on the health and wellbeing of our residents.  It magnifies the pressing problems already facing south county of homelessness and the need for significantly more housing affordable to our residents.   As a county supervisor, I will seek innovative solutions to solve homelessness and bring the affordable housing needed.  I will work with the local leaders to promote controlled and responsible growth.   I bring my experience from Los Gatos, where we have taken extensive steps to support small businesses through the reduction of red tape, grants and infrastructure changes that allow business models to adjust and innovate.

What in your opinion is the single most important challenge specific to South Valley residents and how do you intend to address it?

As a Supervisor, I will work for infrastructure upgrades such as the electrification of Caltrain, improved transit and active transit options, and to help maintaining community character through smart controlled growth that manages traffic and preserves the open space and recreational areas that benefit the entire region.

How do you intend to protect and enhance the unique quality of life for the people of the South Valley?

Protecting our valuable agricultural lands to the greatest extent possible from devastating drought, wildfires, floods and economic instability is crucial to the sustainability of the entire region.  Preserving farmland can play an important role in flood control, fire hazard mitigation and groundwater discharge.  We can encourage carbon sequestration, diversification, eco-tourism, tasting rooms in appropriate areas, farm worker housing and other options.  I will work to insure small farmers have what they need to thrive.

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