This year’s theme is “Honoring our Heroes”

By Staff Reports

Children in local schools were given the chance to enter the Freedom Fest Essay Contest around the theme “Honoring our Heroes.” The 2021 contest was sponsored by the Morgan Hill Kiwanis Club.

The grand prize winner in the primary grades is Kayden Wilson, a second grader at Nordstrom Elementary School whose essay is titled “Firefighters are Our Heroes.” The grand prize winner in the intermediate grades is Bella Sanchez, a fourth grader at Charter School of Morgan Hill whose essay is titled “My Grandpa.”

Below are their essays:

Firefighters are Our Heroes

Kayden Wilson

Firefighters are my heroes. Are they yours too?  They save people from burning buildings. They are strong, caring, alert, and brave.

They put out fires in both the wilderness and in cities.  In cities, fires could be in apartments, houses, or offices. If they are in high buildings, firefighters may have to go up many flights of stairs. In the wilderness, they put out fires and rescue animals.

Firefighters help injured and sick people.  They are the first to come to help when someone dials 911. They can help with medicine.  They can rescue people who are sick or injured.

Firefighters use a hard helmet to keep their head safe and steel-toed rubber boots to keep their feet safe.  Firefighters have a truck with hoses, ladders, pumps, gear, and water.  They can ride in helicopters to see the fire below them.  They can use a fire extinguisher if the fire is small to put it out.

Firefighters are brave and kind. This is why they are my heroes.

My Grandpa

Bella Sanchez

My hero doesn’t have a superpower or super speed, but my loving Grandpa has so much more than that. He is always there for me.

My Grandpa moved to California from Mexico to build a better life for himself.  He had to learn a new language and a new lifestyle.In Mexico his family was really poor. He lived in a house with dirt floors. His life really changed from there on. He trained for the army and put all his hard work into it.  After that he started a concrete business with my Great Grandpa and his brothers. He then got married to my Grandma and saved up all his money and built his dream house. As my Dad got older he started working in the business. If my Grandpa and my Great Grandpa started a concrete business, my Dad would have never had a great childhood and would not have passed it down to me and my siblings.  My Grandpa is the hardest worker I know.

My grandpa has taken me to school every morning since I was in preschool.  I love the quality time we spend together in the car.  We talk about when he was little and I love hearing his stories about his childhood and his time in the army.

Sometimes he sings and it makes me laugh so hard. He always makes sure I have a great day. Every time he picks me up he says “Mija, did you have a good day?” I always answer with “It was great,” and that makes him so happy.  He always makes sure I am OK and will do anything to help me. He brings me food and always brings me a snack just in case I forgot one. If I am having a bad day he cheers me up and makes sure by the time I get home I am happy.

As you can see my Grandpa sacrificed many things in his life.  He has impacted my life by showing me unconditional love.

He has taught me I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I can’t wait to one day take care of him the way he takes care of me. I promised him I’d never put him in a nursing home. The reason I’m writing this essay about my grandpa is that he is the most important person in my life. He is so loving and caring I really don’t care if I win or not. I just want people to appreciate how much my grandpa means to me. However, I hope you enjoyed reading this essay and learned more about my grandpa and my family.

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