Young people describe their feelings of patriotism during the Fourth of July holiday

Editor’s note: The three essays published here were written by primary-grade children who participated in Freedom Fest’s 2022 essay contest. The grand prize winner is Elizabeth Hair. The second prize winner is Qualinanna Huynh. The third prize winner is Ximena Ruiz. All three students are third-graders at El Toro Health Science Academy.

The intermediate division winners’ essays will be published in the July 13 issue of Morgan Hill Life. This year’s theme was “Let Freedom Ring!”

Elizabeth Hair

Can you imagine living in a place where there is no freedom?  America is a place where we are free to make our own choices.

In America, we can travel where we want. We have a choice where we want to go. We are free to choose what to wear each day.  In one place, girls and women wear a black covering over their whole body.

In our country people can live anywhere. We are free to move where we want.

I hope that all people can be free to choose where and how to live.  That’s what “Let Freedom Ring” means to me.  How about you?

Qualinanna Huynh

The quote, “Let Freedom Ring” reminds me about letting freedom, well, go free. The quote reminds me of the hard times people had 100 years ago or more.  They went through slavery and the Declaration of Independence back when America was not even a place!  I wanted to say that songs also remind me of the quote “Let Freedom Ring” because there are songs that are very close to the quote, like the song called “Freedom”.  There are many ways to use and say freedom in the world.

Freedom is something that has a lot of meaning to it.  Imagine a world where laws were made because of your skin color or your gender.  Yes! Those were real laws in the past when women couldn’t vote or you had to be white to go to a good school.  These laws were unfair to many people.  They had to do something about it.  They had to stand up for themselves.

Freedom is a lot of things and there are other ways to show Freedom. There are many phrases too! Like, “I am no bird and no net ensnares me.  I am a free human with an independent will.” Or, “from every mountainside, let freedom ring.” Those quotes/phrases are a meaning of freedom.

“Let Freedom Ring” means a lot to people and me.  Everyone deserves equal rights.  Even today, we still need equal rights. We also need to take care of nature and other people’s decisions.  We should still respect what they do because they deserve freedom for their own space and what they put their mind to.  “Let Freedom Ring” for the right to vote. “Let Freedom Ring” so people can make their own decisions.

The people of America or wherever, remember: Lend a helping hand to someone in need.  You can do whatever you put your mind to whether it’s hard or impossible or you just don’t know if you can do it. Yet. Everyone needs to make their own choices. “Let Freedom Ring”.

Ximena Ruiz

What does “Let Freedom Ring” mean to you? Well, to me, it means that you should be kind.  For example, you can thank our heroes for what they did to help us in our times of need.  It also means that everybody should have rights in this country.  For instance, you can choose your job, school, and where you live.  When I read a book about a boy who was a slave, I thought it was good that there is no more slavery.  It also means you should always “Let Freedom Ring” free.  When I look at the American flag, I thank the people who work so hard for “Letting Freedom Ring.”