“Becky’s New Car” and “Matilda the Musical” take home Best Show Awards

“Becky Foster” (Denee Lewis) with her husband “Joe” (Robert Sean Campbell) in Limelight Theatre’s production of “Becky’s New Car.”
Photo by Elizabeth Mandel

By Staff Report

The South Valley Civic Theatre honored the many men, women and children who helped make the 2022-2023 season at its Members’ Choice Awards held Oct. 21 at the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse.

Celebrating SVCT’s 54th season, the show, themed “Reach for the Stars,” was produced by Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Mandel. The audience was entertained by performers from the various shows featuring song and dance as well as short dramatic scenes.

The Best Show at Limelight was “Becky’s New Car,” produced by Emily Shem-Tov and Peter Mandel.

The Best Show at The Playhouse was “Matilda the Musical,” produced by Mary Beth Anderson and Marilyn Pifer.

Best Actress Ensemble (Youth): Dana Hargreaves — “Matilda ”

Best Actress Minor Role (Youth): Miriam Shem-Tov — “Matilda”

Best Actress Supporting Role (Youth): Kaleya de la Serna — “Matilda”

Best Actress Lead Role (Youth): Lucy Levy-Longini & Izabel Stevens — “Matilda”

Best Actor Ensemble (Youth): Jase Puente — “Honk, Jr.”

Best Actor Minor Role (Youth): Jase Puente — “A Christmas Story”

Best Actor Supporting Role (Youth): Jase Puente — “Matilda”

Outstanding Performance, Actor, Lead Role (Youth): Matthew Horta — “A Christmas Story”

Best Actress Ensemble (Teen): Cambria Pace — “Sweeney Todd”

Outstanding Performance, Actress, Minor Role (Teen): Clara Shem-Tov — “A Christmas Story”

Outstanding Performance, Actress, Supporting Role (Teen): Riley Brown — “The Drowsy Chaperone”

Outstanding Performance, Actress, Lead Role (Teen): Verose Deslonde — “The Drowsy Chaperone”

Best Actor Ensemble (Teen): Brody Bourke — “A Christmas Story”

Outstanding Performance, Actor, Minor Role (Teen): Marcus Horta — “The Drowsy Chaperone”

Outstanding Performance, Actor, Supporting Role (Teen): Joey King — “A Christmas Story”

Best Actress Ensemble, Adult, Kat Ares — “Matilda”

Best Actress Minor Role, Adult, Reggie Reynolds — “Matilda”

Best Actress Supporting Role, Adult, Playhouse, Evandra Aurelia — “Matilda”

Best Actress Supporting Role, Adult, Limelight, Christy Wright — “The Outsider”

Best Actress Lead Role, Adult, Playhouse, Tressa Bender — “Matilda”

Best Actress Lead Role, Adult, Limelight, Denee Lewis — “Becky’s New Car”

Best Actor Ensemble, Adult, Jaime Chavez — “Matilda”

Best Actor Minor Role, Adult, Sam Machado — “Matilda”

Best Actor Supporting Role, Adult, Playhouse, Jason Eves (tie) — “The Drowsy Chaperone”

Best Actor Supporting Role, Adult, Playhouse, Jason Eves (tie) — “Matilda”

Best Actor Supporting Role, Adult, Limelight, Bruce Pember — “Later Life”

Best Actor Lead Role, Adult, Playhouse, Guillermo Morales — “Sweeney Todd”

Best Actor Lead Role, Adult, Limelight, Robert Sean Campbell — “Becky’s New Car”

SVCT is possible because the South Valley community embraces, celebrates,  and supports the arts, in particular theater, said Kimberly E. Lynch, president of the nonprofit’s board of directors in a message on the evening’s program.

“Today we stand amid an embarrassment of riches in five productions at the Morgan Hill Playhouse and three at Limelight,” she said. “We are rich in laughter, in music, in comedy and drama. We have given our audience moments of wonder, opened windows into the world they did not know or know well, and challenged perspective. Most of all, we are blessed with the talent that made these productions possible and the ever-growing base of volunteers who have shown generosity in the sharing of these gifts with the South Valley community.”